Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 388 of Thursday April 28, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 388 of thursday april 28, 2022 [spoilers]...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Hortense confronts a demon from the past, Constance wants to change paths. Jasmine is demoralized.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, April 28 in Here it all starts


Hortense had not been found since the day before, Daniel and Mehdi therefore went to the gendarmerie to report her disappearance. Unfortunately, the gendarmes refused to launch a wanted notice since the young woman is of legal age. While Daniel still wants to send his daughter to a specialized center when he finds her, Mehdi believes that it is not up to him to make this decision for her. Daniel may explain that it is the only solution for her to get out of it, Mehdi loses his temper and tells him his four truths.

Meanwhile, Gaëtan meets Hortense in the streets of Calvières and asks her to warn her parents and her friends to reassure them. However, she refuses because she feels the need to be alone. During the discussion, Hortense feels slightly uneasy. As she refuses to go see Constance, the sports teacher takes her home to keep an eye on her.

On the spot, Hortense ends up confiding in Gaëtan. She says that at the institute, food is sacred since it is used to create and be tasted in small quantities. So she feels like an ogre. When he asks if that’s why she wanted to leave, Hortense tells him that her father wants to lock her up in a specialized centre. If she is certain that this will not help her, Gaëtan points out to her that on the other hand, it is not by fleeing that her problems will be solved. The young woman’s stomach starting to rumble, Gaëtan manages to convince her to eat.

Later, Gaëtan surprises Hortense reading an article on Hugues Leroy. Indeed, the latter was released from prison a month ago after serving a sentence for forcible confinement. She then declares to her teacher that she liked him at first and that she never thought that her story with him would end this way. For his part, Gaëtan reminds him that Hugues was a manipulator before adding that she was brave to file a complaint against him. Even if all that is now behind her, Hortense thinks that her bulimia attacks may have returned because of him. Insofar as she plans to confront Hugues, Gaëtan points out to her that she is in no condition to see him, especially since he is a dangerous man. Before he leaves to teach his lesson, Gaëtan makes him promise to stay there until his return.

During his sports lesson, Gaëtan tells Mehdi that Hortense is at home and assures us that she is fine. However, when they arrive at the mobile home, they discover that she has left her belongings. Fearing that she has gone to visit Hugues, Mehdi hastens to call her. The latter then makes him believe that she just went out for some fresh air and then certifies that she will be back soon. In reality, Hortense rings at Hugues.


In the morning, Constance looks at the guitars on the net because she spotted courses in the region this summer and thought that this could be an opportunity to get back to it. Unfortunately, the nurse does not have the support she hoped for, neither from her husband nor from her daughter.

However, Constance realized that the guitar was part of her past and later confides in Zacharie that she now wants to look to the future. The latter then undertakes to find something else to allow him to clear his head.

Subsequently, Landiras puts the finishing touches to a pavlova, an old creation of his. At the time, the pastry chef had created this dessert thinking of a woman he loved. Today, he is falling in love with her again. The problem is that she is already married.

For her part, Constance reports to Clotilde that she plans to change jobs. Indeed, Constance has understood that helping people has required many sacrifices and that she now needs something else. If she is not yet sure of herself, she is nevertheless certain that it could do her good.


At the double A, Lisandro summons the entire teaching team to discuss the institute’s prom. Everyone is on board except Teyssier who does not intend to participate because he represents authority. For their part, Anaïs and Salomé won their case but Jasmine still sulks because she continues to reproach Salomé for wanting to appropriate all her work. Immediately, Anaïs defends her friend by saying that it’s not her style at all.

Upset, Jasmine then gives herself up to Axel. Indeed, the young woman has the impression of having lost control of the evening and of having been replaced by Salomé and Anaïs. Unfortunately, the disappointments continue to follow when the nephew Teyssier tells him that he will not attend the ball to avoid looking like an upstart.

Shortly after, Jasmine returns to the roommate and pours out on Greg’s shoulder. According to him, it is not because Axel does not come to the ball that nothing will ever happen between them. However, she’s not sure she’s her style, but Greg guarantees she’s gorgeous.

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