Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 386 of Tuesday, April 26, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Claire makes a decision that may not please Hortense, Kelly is looking for a way to be more demonstrative with Lionel. At the same time, Axel and Salomé show themselves to be accomplices.


Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, April 26 in Here it all starts


Before classes start, Mehdi confirms to Eliott and Célia that Hortense is not pregnant. Although all convinced that she is hiding something from them that is eating away at her to the point of making herself sick, they are at an impasse since she does not want to talk about it. In order to push her to tell them the truth, Célia decides to talk to her during their next cooking class.

For her part, Hortense tells Claire that her problems with food started when she was 14 years old. At that time, his parents were constantly arguing. Upon arriving at the institute, her troubles then disappeared. If she thought she was definitely rid of them, they reappeared after her story with Hugues Leroy. Despite everything, she does not understand why she feels the need to eat this way. While Claire explains to her that it is a completely irrational illness, Hortense recognizes it and declares that it is an impulse against which she can do nothing. When Claire tries to understand why she didn’t tell her parents who are doctors, Hortense simply replies that they wouldn’t understand.

Subsequently, Hortense goes to cooking class. A little in slow motion, she trembles, which does not escape Célia who suggests that she go get some fresh air and chat. Unfortunately, Hortense refuses, claiming to be late for her work. As soon as Célia has her back turned, she takes the opportunity to secretly eat the small pieces of foie gras that she cuts up for the recipe. Seeing her do this, Célia tells her not to do that. Uncomfortable, Hortense begins to cry before leaving the class in a hurry.

Immediately, Mehdi goes after her and pushes her to confide. The young woman ends up confessing to him that she is bulimic. With tears in her eyes, Hortense tells him about the pain that has been gnawing at her for a long time. Stunned, Mehdi, who blames himself for not having seen anything, takes her in his arms then promises to be there for her.

Later, Célia and Eliott find Mehdi and Hortense in the park. When they ask her why she ate all the foie gras in her recipe, Hortense replies that she was not in her normal state and that she needed to eat something. Embarrassed by their incessant questions, she decides to go to lunch. For his part, Mehdi does not want to let her eat alone and therefore accompanies her. Faced with the strange behavior of the former couple, Eliott and Célia understand that their friend has a problem with food.

During lunch, Mehdi keeps looking at Hortense. As he is worried, he would like her to speak to his parents but she does not intend to let them know. Angry, she then orders Mehdi to mind her own business.

Not knowing what to do anymore, Mehdi reveals to Eliott and Célia that Hortense is bulimic. Célia, who has a friend affected by this, explains that it’s a compulsive illness that makes you lose control over everything. For her part, Mehdi would like to understand and know how to behave with her when she is like that. Eliott therefore advises her to show him that he is there for her.

At the end of the day, Mehdi tells Claire that he is aware of Hortense’s bulimia. The problem is that she’s running away from him and he feels like she doesn’t want to be helped. Now that he knows, the young man wonders what he can do. According to Claire, he must be patient and listen. At the same time, Mehdi sees Hortense’s father at the institute. Indeed, Chief Guinot brought him here because she believes he is the best person to support her daughter, but Mehdi indicates that she cannot do that. If Hortense finds out that her father knows, she won’t put up with it.


Chef Landiras instructed his students to make a strawberry. While tasting Kelly’s dessert, the professor congratulates her on her dressage but notes, however, that it is too scholarly. Disappointed, Kelly later confides in Lionel who remarks to her that Landiras doesn’t care that they are square. What he wants is for them to be generous and reveal their feelings in their pastries. Lionel then tells his girlfriend that expressing what she feels is not her forte, whether in the kitchen or in their relationship.

At lunchtime, Kelly asks her mother if her lasagna lacks passion. As Laetitia does not really understand, Kelly specifies that Lionel judges that she is not romantic. Her daughter actually not being very demonstrative, Laetitia advises her to write her a poem or a love song to tell her how she feels. However, Kelly refuses because it does not look like her.

Lost, Kelly turns to Salomé. Even if she is very much in love with Lionel, Kelly still finds it difficult to show him what she feels. Salomé therefore advises her to stop worrying and stay as she is. And to specify that she will succeed in telling him that she loves him in her own way.


As the prom approaches, Jasmine is overwhelmed with the organization of the evening, which she manages alone. Fortunately, Salomé offers her help with the buffet and Axel to assist her. She may accept, but Jasmine doesn’t seem thrilled to see Axel spending time with another girl than her.

Without waiting, Salomé and Axel start cooking with the help of Anaïs. And as much to say that the complicity is there. So much so that the young man challenges Salomé: a speed race in cutting carrots. Whoever loses will have to clean the kitchens at the end of the session. Unsurprisingly, Salomé wins the event.

Later, Salomé, Axel and Anaïs present Jasmine with the petit fours they have prepared for the evening of the prom. By noticing the budding complicity between Axel and Salomé, Jasmine criticizes all the proposals and judges that it is not sophisticated enough. When Axel points out that he made them, Jasmine finally admits that it’s not so bad.

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