Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 377 of Wednesday, April 13, 2022…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 377 of wednesday, april 13, 2022...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Marta comes down from her little cloud, Teyssier makes a decision concerning Axel. Solal meanwhile still has feelings for Amber.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday April 13 in Here it all begins…


To achieve his ends, Theo makes Marta believe that he is ready to have a child with her. And to perfect his lie, he pretends to be sure of himself and even encourages her to call a gynecologist to make an appointment.

Subsequently, Theo meets Celia in the hallways. Since he couldn’t get the keys to the apartment, he has to arrange to spend some time with Marta in her room. An idea that does not please Célia who fears that her rival will jump on her. Théo then promises that nothing will happen and even declares that she no longer attracts him. Besides, she disgusts him.

Later, Marta tells Theo that she has managed to get an appointment with her gynecologist for next week. Crazy with joy, she kisses her boyfriend and tells him that she really wants him. Only, the Teyssier son stops her by making her believe that he has a breakdown. Marta is understanding.

In the afternoon, Célia and Eliott overhear a conversation between Charlène and Marta. This is how the Gaissac girl learns that Theo and Marta have decided to have a baby. While she accuses the blow, Eliott wants to be reassuring and says he is certain that they are doing this only to hurt him.

In full doubt, Célia finds Theo and asks him for an explanation. Even if the latter certifies that this is part of his plan, Célia throws a fit of jealousy at him. No longer supporting this double game, she no longer wants to hear about all that and even less from him.

In cooking class, Eliott makes it clear to Marta that this whole story will end up falling on her. After asserting that the truth will eventually come out, the young man guarantees that she will take a lot and that they will not give her gifts.

Not far from there, Theo, who has managed to recover the bunch of keys, enters Marta’s secret apartment. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really have time to search the premises because Marta and Charlene arrive. Without waiting, he hides behind a wall and listens carefully to their conversation. When he realizes that his sister has been involved from the start, Theo comes out of hiding and orders him to leave.

Once alone with Marta, Théo admits that he was aware that she was harassing Célia before getting back together with her. Upset, Marta realizes that the man she loves has lied to frame her and slaps him violently. After telling her that he hoped it had done her some good, he promises to throw everything away to make her pay for what she did to Celia.


In the morning, Axel asks his uncle to convince his father to let him take the institute entrance exam. Unfortunately, Teyssier is forced to refuse since he believes that his nephew does not have the level in the kitchen. According to him, Axel has a one in a hundred chance of passing the tests. However, the young man is ready to seize it to realize his dream.

Emmanuel then confides to his wife that Axel does not look like his father. Indeed, he considers that his nephew is more like him and finds that he is a hard worker like him. He also admires his pugnacity and finds it admirable that he hasn’t once complained about cleaning pans. Knowing her husband by heart, Constance knows full well that he will never let Axel go back to his father without a fight because he loves him too much. As Emmanuel considers that she is a bit abusing, Constance reformulates her sentence and tells her that he has too much ego to let his brother win.

Later, Teyssier summons Philippe and Axel to his office to talk about the young man’s future. After reflection, he thinks that it would finally be a good idea for his nephew to take the institute exam. With a little practice and good support, he is even certain that he can do it. That’s why he asks his brother to let him try. Unfortunately, Philippe does not hear it that way because he already has plans for his son. Having the means to realize Axel’s dreams, Emmanuel urges his brother to forget for a few seconds the resentment he feels towards him in order to prioritize his son’s happiness. Since Axel swears to keep the family business going if he fails in the competition, Philippe ends up abdicating.

At the end of the day, Teyssier summons Zacharie and Claire to his office. Indeed, the director would like his nephew to be able to attend their classes as a free listener. A preferential treatment which is far from pleasing them and this all the more so as Axel does not have the level. However, Teyssier has made up his mind and leaves them no choice.


In the early morning, Gaëtan returns home and finds Ambre and Enzo peacefully asleep on his couch. It must be said that the evening at the Table des Rivières ended late and the two young apprentice chefs had no better idea than to spend the night at his place. Furious, Gaëtan summons them to get dressed and kicks them out.

Later, Solal apologizes to Gaëtan because he was forced to sleep elsewhere. However, the latter has still not digested the fact that Amber and Enzo have squatted at his place without his agreement. Therefore, he demands that Solal reframe things quickly if he wants to continue the events here. Solal then promises that it won’t happen again.

Shortly after, he lectures Amber and Enzo. Only, this one takes things lightly and even goes so far as to make Solal believe that he slept with Amber. The latter intervenes and retorts that it is false. Annoyed, Solal reminds them that they were hired to work and not to clown around.

Back home, Solal confesses to Amber that he didn’t appreciate her spending the night with Enzo. Indeed, the idea of ​​imagining them together hurts him a lot. While Amber thinks it’s misplaced ego, Solal says no and then declares that he still loves her and misses her. As he is about to kiss her, Amber stops him and tells him that she will always be polyamorous. If they get back together, he will end up hurting again.

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