Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 347 of Wednesday March 2, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 347 of wednesday march 2, 2022 [spoilers]...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Jasmine denounces herself, Tom makes revelations to Ambre. At the same time, Theo struggles to make a decision.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, March 2 in Here it all begins…


Fearing that Teyssier will carry out his threats, Anaïs worries about her professional future. And rightly so since Lauren Belvaux gives him an appointment shortly after in a café. Without hesitating, the recruiter informs her that Chief Teyssier openly accuses her of having assaulted him. Anaïs swears that she would never have done such a thing, Lauren, who cannot allow herself to have the slightest doubt about the person she recruits, is no longer sure she wants to hire him as a master. from the Sybarite hotel.

Annoyed, Anaïs returns to the institute and announces the bad news to Greg and Eliott. As the Delobel son wants to know if she intends to denounce Jasmine, Anaïs replies that she does not know if she really wants to come to this. Only, Eliott believes that she has no other solution if she wants to preserve this professional opportunity. Although Greg is afraid of losing custody of his son if Teyssier learns the truth, Eliott advises his friend to do what seems right to him.

Later, Teyssier finds Anaïs at double A and takes pleasure in taunting her. Far from being disheartened, the young woman is convinced of succeeding in convincing Lauren that she is telling the truth and of recovering her place as butler. A discussion that has not gone unnoticed by the ears of Lisandro. Convinced that Jasmine is the real culprit, the head of the room pushes his ex-companion to stop protecting her. But nothing helps, Anaïs sticks to her positions.

Jasmine, who has overheard their conversation, understands that the situation cannot go on like this. Also, she tells Greg and Eliott that she intends to denounce herself. If Greg tries to dissuade him, Eliott encourages him to do so because Anaïs lost her job at the Sybarite through his fault. Refusing to see her miss out on a golden job, Jasmine has no intention of backtracking to the chagrin of Greg who fears losing his son.

Warned by her comrade, Anaïs finds Jasmine in front of the director’s office. Understanding that she will not change her mind, Anaïs would like to accompany her so as not to let her face this alone. The two young women therefore land in Teyssier’s office where Lisandro is already there. Jasmine reveals to the director that she was the one who assaulted him but the head of the room has already taken care of it. If there is a good chance that he will fire his pupil, Teyssier however allows himself until the next day to inform him of his final decision.


While carrying out the investigation, Enzo ended up discovering a video of Tom in which he declares to be an only child. Now having proof that he lied, Amber and Enzo join him in the park to confront him. Annoyed, Tom affirms that he has no children and then makes them understand that they have no business interfering in his life.

Angry, Tom then makes mistakes during Chef Landiras’ class. Enzo being in charge of teaching him the poaching technique, the two young men tear each other apart.

At the end of the day, Amber goes to see Tom in his room and pushes him to confide. The latter then ends up confirming to him that he is indeed an only child. When he opened his Youtube channel, Tom made a lot of money. One day, he met Leo, a ten-year-old subscriber with whom he forged a very strong bond. Since his mother was single and had financial worries, Tom started sending her money. Even if today he no longer earns his living as well, he still continues to help them as best he can. Having never really had a father, Leo made a sort of transfer onto Tom. Amber, who is touched by her story, promises to keep it a secret.


In the studio, Théo and Célia record the video of a cooking recipe. And as much to say that the languorous glances and the innuendos are numerous. Once the recording is over, they once again give in to temptation. When they get dressed, Charlène arrives. If until now the young woman had only doubts, the packaging of a condom forgotten on the work surface confirms to her that Théo and Célia are indeed having an affair. Furious, Charlène criticizes her brother for cheating on his girlfriend and believes that she does not deserve to be taken around like this. She therefore enjoins Theo to tell her the truth, otherwise she will take care of it herself.

Later, Théo is with Célia at the commissary and announces to her that he is going to break up with Marta. Indeed, he is tired of lying to her and cheating on her. While Célia makes him understand that he can’t leave the woman he loves for a sex date, Théo sees things differently and thinks they could get together. However, for the young woman, it is anything but an option.

Subsequently, Theo tells Marta that he wants to take a break in order to take the time necessary to think about what they really want for their relationship. Refusing to see their story end because of her desire to have a baby, Marta asks her to leave this story behind them and focus on their couple. Reluctantly, Theo agrees.

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