Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 330 of Monday, February 7, 2022 [SPOILERS]…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 330 of monday, february 7, 2022 [spoilers]...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Joachim is back at the institute, Célia is troubled by Théo. At the same time, Jasmine, Lionel and Anaïs seek Antoine’s help.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, February 7 in Here it all begins…


Consumed by guilt, Laetitia packs her bags with the firm intention of moving in with her mother at La Gardiane. Salomé may try to convince her to stay, but she sees no other solution after what she has done. Kelly, who hears them discussing, then admits to her mother that the chef Armand did not have a miscarriage since she was never pregnant. She then explains that she had known for a week but that she preferred to keep quiet because she did not want to see her get back together with Guillaume. Furious, Laetitia reproaches him for having only thought of her.

For her part, Clotilde confesses the truth to Guillaume. Although she is aware of having hurt him a lot, she is sure that they can overcome this ordeal and begs him to forgive her. Unfortunately, Guillaume has the feeling of having been manipulated and declares that everything is over between them. Before leaving, he looks his wife straight in the eye then says that she will end up alone and unhappy before specifying that he is not even sad for her.

Meanwhile, Rose and Kelly warn Laetitia that Clotilde told Guillaume everything but she doesn’t care. As her mother is still angry with her, Kelly recognizes that she made a huge mistake by keeping silent and assures that she blames herself terribly. Despite everything, Laetitia does not know if she will be able to forgive her one day.

Subsequently, Guillaume informs Laetitia that she can resume her position as assistant if she wishes. As he tells her how much he feels guilty for the hurt he has done her, she points out to him that there is no justification for being cold and violent towards someone. And to add that of all the men who have claimed to love her, he is the only one to have treated her so badly. When he promises to catch up, Laetitia retorts that she is not at his disposal then makes it clear to him that she has no intention of falling back into his arms.

Later, Antoine summons Rose, Guillaume and Clotilde to find a solution to best manage the situation. Although he would like his wife to assume the consequences of his actions, everyone agrees to keep what really happened a secret in order to preserve the image of the institute.

Coming home from school, Kelly surprises her mother crying. While she asks him what’s wrong, Laetitia insists on being alone. Only, the young woman refuses and declares that she has the right to hate her. Laetitia replies that it is impossible before taking her warmly in her arms. She then tells him that Guillaume would like them to give themselves a second chance. Even if she doesn’t appreciate him more than that, Kelly knows that her mother is in love with him. This is why she encourages him to have a discussion with him. Whatever she decides to do, Kelly swears to support her.

Without waiting, Laetitia therefore goes to Guillaume. She would like to forget him and hate him but it’s impossible because she loves him like she’s never loved anyone. Right after, the couple kiss passionately. Happier than ever, Guillaume and Laetitia leave the apartment hand in hand. On meeting Joachim at the entrance to the establishment, Guillaume asks him about what he is doing there. He replies that he came for the construction of the new library. As Guillaume wants to know if it was his wife who hired him, Joachim looks attentively at Laetitia then says no. In fact, it was the latter who brought him here.


In the vegetable garden, Célia and Théo are particularly teasing towards each other, which does not escape Souleymane.

In the kitchen, Célia has her head elsewhere and keeps looking at Theo. But when he notices that his meatballs are not homogeneous, the tone quickly rises between them. Marta tries hard to calm them down but nothing works. After Théo and Célia have mutually overwhelmed each other with reproaches, the young woman leaves the place furious.

Shocked by the behavior of her boyfriend, Marta believes that he has crossed the line and that he should never have addressed their comrade in this way. Theo then recognizes that he has abused it a little and then undertakes to apologize to him.

So he joins Célia in the vegetable garden and asks her forgiveness. He also admits that she does pretty well in the kitchen and has some great ideas. Very quickly, they find their complicity, so much so that when Theo embraces him to seal their reconciliation, the Gaissac girl is particularly troubled.


After watching a video denouncing the barbaric practices of the slaughterhouse that supplies the institute, Jasmine, Lionel and Anaïs are determined to fight for their school to change supplier. So they decide to talk to Antoine.

As this video does not prove anything, the principal prefers to first check the veracity of these images before deciding. However, he guarantees to dig into the subject by contacting the supplier directly in order to obtain answers. Although disappointed, Lionel, Jasmine and Anaïs do not intend to give up.

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