Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 329 of Friday, February 4, 2022…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 329 of friday, february 4, 2022...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Clotilde’s lie is unmasked, Jasmine wants to change her eating habits. For her part, Célia is reinstated in the double A brigade.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, February 4 in Here it all begins…


Following Guillaume’s revelations, Laetitia is in the worst possible condition and no longer wants to leave her room. Warned by her niece, Salomé arrives at the Rigauts to find out what is going on. With tears in her eyes, Laetitia says she killed Clotilde’s baby. Salomé then takes her in her arms and assures us that it was an accident.

Meanwhile, Rose and Antoine go to the Devauts to hear from Clotilde. Ready to return to work, the latter does not wish to file a complaint against Laetitia whom she just wants to see leave the institute as soon as possible to forget this story. Antoine therefore promises to do it quickly.

Later, Kelly scolds Chef Armand for accusing her mother of causing her miscarriage when they both know she wasn’t pregnant. While Clotilde promises to fix all this, Kelly pushes her to tell the truth to everyone but she summons her to let her manage the situation. When Kelly then implies in front of all her classmates that their teacher was not really sick the day before, Clotilde makes her understand that she will not hesitate to have her fired if she continues to peddle false rumours.

Shortly after, Kelly joins her mother and her aunt in the park. As they heard Antoine discuss Clotilde’s miscarriage, Marta and Charlène are particularly virulent towards Laetitia and want her to leave the prestigious gastronomic school quickly. Convinced that they are right, Laetitia gets up before telling her daughter that she has nothing more to do here.

At the end, Kelly goes to Rose’s then reveals the truth to her. Taking her at her word, Rose seeks the help of Constance who is unfortunately bound by professional secrecy. However, she is ready to tell him what she knows if she has no other solution to make her sister confess.

Subsequently, Rose finds Clotilde at the double A. Without beating around the bush, she lets go that she knows she is not pregnant. Insofar as she continues to deny, Rose clarifies that Constance told her everything. Pained, Rose resents him for having done such a despicable thing knowing that she lost her baby in the past. With emotion, Clotilde then tells him about the false positive test and explains that she had hidden the truth from Guillaume because she was afraid of losing him a second time. This lie can no longer continue, Rose enjoins him to tell everything to her husband otherwise she will take care of it.


Jasmine spent the night reading articles about animal abuse. Having realized the horror inflicted on animals to feed humans, the young woman wants to change her eating habits and the way she consumes. So she downloaded an app that rates foods based on how they’re produced.

Full of good will, she scans all the double A ingredients. Noting their disastrous quality, Jasmine tells Lisandro that it would be good to warn customers of the composition of their dish. However, the room manager does not prefer to avoid losing his customers.

Later, Jasmine finds Anaïs and Lionel in the fridges. Seeing all the bags of meat stored, Jasmine decides to scan them with her new app. The three apprentice chefs then discover that the slaughterhouse with which the institute works mistreats the animals. And they are determined to act.


In cooking class, Célia gets creative by adding dried figs to her recipe. A bold idea that pleases chef Guinot very much, who congratulates her on her initiative. As she whispers to Deva that she would like her teacher to tell Theo that, Claire overhears her speaking. Back to the wall, the Gaissac girl tells him that she was fired from chef Teyssier’s brigade for having made some suggestions for his menu.

Claire, who finds it hard to believe that he could have excluded her for no reason, makes an appointment with Théo to obtain an explanation. When he explains that Célia has become unbearable since her return from her internship, chef Guinot reminds him that the double A is an application restaurant and that it is normal for the students to take a few liberties. She therefore makes him understand that he must show authority without necessarily taking such drastic measures. Faced with these arguments, Theo agrees to bring her back to his brigade.

At the end of the service, Théo congratulates Célia for her good work and her irreproachable attitude. Finding it important that he can start again on a good footing, he declares that if she continues to respect his authority, there should be no more problems. Right after, Célia shares some suggestions with him. Indeed, she would like him to take an interest in the rare spices that Souleymane plants to integrate them into the Double A menu. Excited, Claire pushes Théo and Célia to go to the vegetable garden to share this project with the son Myriel who enthusiastically accepts .

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