Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 321 of Tuesday, January 25, 2022…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 321 of tuesday, january 25, 2022...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Guillaume is leaving Clotilde, Maxime has made his decision. At the same time, Célia is back at the institute.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, January 25 in Here it all begins…


In the park, Greg watches the video he filmed of Guillaume and Laetitia’s antics, much to the displeasure of Lionel who would have preferred him to erase it. The moment Eliott catches them bickering, they quickly change the subject.

Meanwhile, Rose invites Clotilde and Guillaume for an aperitif in the evening. If Clotilde hastens to accept, her husband declines, stating that he has a lot of work. For Rose, her brother-in-law has made a decision but he doesn’t dare say it. She therefore advises her sister to prepare for the idea that he chooses Laetitia. Certain that they will eventually overcome this ordeal, chef Armand refuses to believe it.

Not far from there, Guillaume and Laetitia spin the perfect love. As he indicates that he has not yet found the right time to talk to his wife, Laetitia reminds him that there is no good time to end a marriage. Guillaume then recognizes that he is looking for excuses. However, he knows it can’t go on any longer and intends to talk to her about it today. Words that delight Laetitia.

In cooking class, Eliott asks Greg what he watched with Lionel in the morning. Discreetly, the Delobel son shows him the sex tape of Guillaume and Laetitia. After having surprised them, Clotilde discovers the content of the video. In shock, she wants him to erase her immediately but unfortunately half the class already knows about her husband’s infidelity.

When Guillaume arrives in the kitchen to talk to her, Clotilde immediately kicks her students out. Once alone, she confronts him. Deeply humiliated, the chef Armand overwhelms him with reproaches. As he apologizes to her, she urges him to leave her alone.

Later, Kelly learns that Greg and Lionel filmed her mother and Guillaume’s antics and blames them for not having deleted the video.

Returning home later, Clotilde surprises her husband packing his bags. Indeed, he decided to leave the family home to settle with Laetitia. Clotilde may beg him not to do it, Guillaume, who can’t stand lying anymore, retorts that they can’t go on like this. When she calls him a coward, Guillaume apologizes to her and then leaves, leaving a devastated Clotilde behind.


Salomé arrives in Maxime’s room with breakfast because it is today that he must give his answer to Chef Sarran. After taking the time to reflect, the Delcourt son chose to accept the position of chef in San Francisco. Very happy for him, Salomé declares that she will miss him a lot and the latter answers the same thing.

Although he apprehends his reaction, Maxime meets Teyssier to tell him that he is going to San Francisco to take over chef Sarran’s restaurant. Emmanuel, who is furious, makes him understand that he is much too young for such a position before launching that he will ruin his career.

Back home, Emmanuel does not lose his temper and confides in his wife about his protege’s decision. If the chef reproaches him for being ambitious, Constance believes on the contrary that he was right to seize this great opportunity.

At the end of the day, Teyssier makes an appointment with Maxime in the kitchens, who informs him that he will be leaving the institute on Wednesday. Indeed, he intends to stay a few days in Sète with his family before leaving for California. For his part, Teyssier admits that he reacted badly because it annoys him to see him leave. However, he doesn’t blame her for leaving. Even if their relationship has not always been easy, the Delcourt son is aware that he owes a lot to his mentor. Student and teacher then shake hands with a smile on their face.


Lina gave her blessing for Mehdi and Hortense’s wedding. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, she would like to help them with the wedding preparations. Uncomfortable, her son ended up telling her that he hoped that she would oppose their union. Although he loves Hortense, Mehdi thinks this is not the time to get married. Lina therefore advises him to speak to Hortense as soon as possible.

Later, Célia returns to the institute to the delight of Hortense. The latter obviously hastens to tell him that she will marry Mehdi in a few days. Words that do not please the young man who keeps telling her that he is not ready to marry her.

In the afternoon, Hortense keeps talking about her future marriage. For her part, Célia does not understand why she persists so much when Mehdi does not want to. With tears in her eyes, Hortense explains that Mehdi is moving away from her and that she has the impression that he is doing everything to push her away.

Subsequently, Célia puts Mehdi in the confidence. Only, he doesn’t know what to do to reassure his girlfriend and refuses to marry her to please her. According to Célia, he will have to find an idea quickly to prevent it from going into a spin.

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