Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 319 of Thursday, January 20, 2022…

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 319 of thursday, january 20, 2022...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… While Louis is leaving the institute, Guillaume has made his choice. At the same time, Hortense asks Mehdi in marriage.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, January 20 in Here it all begins…


Louis is terribly angry with his mother for having denounced him to Chief Sarran but above all for having made him lose what he deserved for a long time. Worried for him, Claire explains that she did this because she was afraid that he would lose his footing. As her son reproaches him for having ruined everything, the chef Guinot reminds him that he does not need the institute to exist and says she is certain that he will end up finding a job elsewhere. Unfortunately, Louis thinks his mother wants to take him away from her.

Meanwhile, Enzo admits his wrongs to Maxime and tells that he did this because he was jealous to see him succeed. Although he doesn’t appreciate it, Enzo explains that Louis gave him a chance when no one took him seriously. Before leaving, Enzo apologizes to her. His friend may have made many mistakes, but the son Delcourt is not resentful and even offers him to play a game of basketball to seal their reconciliation.

Later, Louis announces to Teyssier and Maxime that he is stopping fighting. If he considers that he deserves his place here, he however realized that he was no match for them. That’s why he decided to leave the institute for good. And to add to Maxime’s attention that he associated himself with the devil himself before wishing him to be happy.

Subsequently, Antoine and Michel Sarran organized a small ceremony at the double A to celebrate the victory of Maxime and Teyssier. While everyone is enjoying the festivities, Claire comes to congratulate Emmanuel on his victory, who takes great pleasure in telling him that his son has left the institute for good.

As she is worried, Claire tries to reach him but without success. Louis cannot be found but the gendarmes cannot help Chief Guinot because it is not a worrying disappearance. Claire then fears that Louis’ old demons will push him to attempt suicide again.

For her part, Charlène receives a message from Louis who arranges to meet her outside the institute. Shortly after, the latter tells him that he is going to leave because he can no longer bear to meet his comrades. Charlène would like to accompany him out of love but Louis refuses that she sacrifices herself as long as she has not finished her studies then specifies that he will soon need her. He then makes her promise not to tell anyone before setting her on fire.


Finding her husband tired for a few days, Clotilde offers Guillaume to come back and sleep in their room. Only, he prefers to continue sleeping on the sofa because he still needs a little time to take stock of his feelings.

Later, the atmosphere is tense between Guillaume and Laetitia, which does not escape Antoine who asks his colleague to make a decision. Guillaume then goes to Laetitia and apologizes to her for having hurt her. Seeing now more clearly, he realized that he could not live without her and that he was very much in love with her. Relieved, she kisses him.

After spending a moment of intimacy, Laetitia asks Guillaume to leave his wife. He accepts but nevertheless asks for a little time to ensure that it is not too brutal because they have spent twenty years of their life together.


At worst, Hortense confides in Eliott, Greg and Jasmine about her relationship with Mehdi. Indeed, the young woman has the impression that her boyfriend is moving away from her and does not know if he still loves her. To be reassured, Hortense needs proof of love and seems to have found the perfect idea.

It is therefore with panache that she joins Mehdi in the vegetable garden. Once she kissed him tenderly, the apprentice chef recognizes that this period was a bit hard for her. In turn, Mehdi admits having gone a little far with this story of distance then apologizes for having hurt him. Hortense then explains that she needs proof of love and then says that they could get married. If the young man thinks at first of a joke, he quickly realizes that she is serious, especially since she specifies that she wants to get married on Valentine’s Day. Even if Mehdi agrees on the principle, he would however like to finish his studies before taking the next step. But nothing helps. When Hortense asks him to marry her, Mehdi replies with a tiny yes.

Panicked, Mehdi surrenders to Eliott. Although he sincerely loves Hortense to the point of wanting to spend his life with her, he nevertheless considers this story to be completely eccentric. Understanding, Eliott assures however that they will be very happy.

Hortense announced the good news to her friends. Happy for the couple, Eliott, Théo, Greg, Salomé, Maxime, Lionel and Anaïs organized a small party for their engagement. The drop too much for Mehdi who declares in front of everyone that he cannot get married for the moment even if he is madly in love with Hortense.

Tears in her eyes, she acknowledges the blow. However, the young woman is certain that he did not mean what he said and that he will eventually change his mind.

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