Here it all starts: “We will discover the dark side of Hortense in the next episodes”…

After Célia and Théo, it is Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka) who will be at the center of the next plot of “Here everything begins”. The producer of the series makes revelations to us and explains that the character’s video diary will leak.

As she recently demonstrated with her many revelations about Eliott, Deva, or even Tom, who hid his relationship with Florence from everyone, Here it all begins has not finished surprising us. And the daily series of TF1 will prove it to us again in a few weeks with a new great intrigue devoted to Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka).

A little over a year ago, the best friend of Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) and Célia (Rébecca Benhamour) found herself at the heart of the “Sugar Daddy” ark, which revealed her troubled relationship and dangerous with Hugues Leroy (Yann Sundberg), an older Double A client who had previously made Charlene (Pola Petrenko) his prey.

This time, the scriptwriters of Here it all begins have decided to explore the dark side of the character, by revealing a secret activity of the young woman who should not fail to make a stir at the Auguste Armand institute and could well jeopardize some friendships. For real ?

Met this weekend as part of the Canneseries Festival, Sarah Farahmand, the producer of the soap opera, gave us some revelations about this inevitably highly anticipated new ark – Hortense being one of the public’s favorite characters – which will arrive on the air. the week of April 18.

“We are going to discover the dark side of Hortense”confides Sarah Farahmand to our microphone. “We’ve known her from the start, super positive, optimistic, she always sees the sun everywhere. She always tries to turn everything into a positive. But she also has a dark side. She has moments of blues,ents where she gets mad at others. And we’re going to find out that she expresses that in a video diary”.

“Today young people express themselves much less in writing. And in this kind of very confessional iconography of reality TV, very story social networks, Hortense films herself and tells her moods”continues the producer of the culinary soap opera, who previously worked on Tomorrow belongs to us. “With all that that implies of the diary. Excess, things that we do not necessarily think and that we say to relieve ourselves”.

But unfortunately for Mehdi’s girlfriend (Marvin Pellegrino), her diary will not remain secret for long and her videos will be revealed to everyone. Sowing disorder within the institute.

Here it all starts: "we will discover the dark side of hortense in the next episodes"...

“His videos will leak and his friends, his relatives, will resent him saying ‘But why are you saying these horrors about us? Where are you betraying our secrets from? Because some characters will feel betrayed and secrets will be revealed. Gaëtan (Terence Telle), for example, will be one of the “victims” of these videos..

And as always in Here it all begins, this great plot centered on one of the students of the school will allow the authors to deepen the character of Hortense and to explore unexpected facets. As well as a malaise that no one suspects.

“In reality, all this hides a greater malaise in her that we will discover”explains Sarah Farahmand who promises an arc rich in twists and turns. “We wanted to look back at the character of Hortense by saying to ourselves ‘How can we twist her a little but not too much?’ It has to remain the character we know, and at the same time that the public has the impression of learning things about her”.

In short, after the complicated passion between Célia and Théo (Khaled Alouach), who will have to deal with the return of Marta tomorrow, fans of Here it all begins can expect episodes with equally high stakes very soon on TF1 .

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