Here it all starts: “Axel must make the public want to watch season 3” …

Introduced in March, Axel, played by Thomas Da Costa, quickly established himself as an important character in “Here everything begins”. Producer Sarah Farahmand tells us more about how he was dreamed up and his future on the show.

While several actors said goodbye to Here it all starts over the past few months, Clement Remiens to Sarah Fitrithe daily soap opera of TF1 already seems to have found the headliner of its next promotion, which will be unveiled on the screen at the start of the school year, when season 3 is launched.

Present in Here it all starts since March, Axel (Thomas DaCosta), Teyssier’s nephew, is already talked about a lot at the institute and was quick to turn heads. Even going so far as to give rise to an unexpected rivalry between Jasmine (Zoï Severin) and Salome (Aurelie Pons), both sensitive to the beautiful eyes of the budding cook.

And while the character is currently in a more than delicate situation – since accused of being responsible for the accident at the prom – everything suggests that his passion for cooking and his determination to pass the entrance exam of the institute at all costs already ensure him a place in the first year in September.

What the producer Sarah Farahmanwhom we met in early April at the Canneseries Festival, did not deny it, even if she is careful not to reveal the outcome of this long-term plot.

“It’s true that, for us, Axel, like Kelly last year, is the character who must make the public want to watch season 3. So from the moment he says ‘I’m going to do everything to succeed in this competition”, we are led to follow his journey. Will he get there? We have already seen that he had major family obstacles. A lot of things will happen for Axel. Of course, he’s a Teyssier (laughs). His life won’t be a long calm river.”.

“We bet a lot on Axel”continues the one who was previously the producer of tomorrow belongs to us. “He is someone who has been worked on a lot in writing so that he has a different color from all the others. That is to say in the way in which he can fit into the Teyssier family by being different, about the kind of humor he can have, about his flaws so that he doesn’t just come across as arrogant”.

Here it all starts: "axel must make the public want to watch season 3"...

And who says big work on the writing, says important casting phase, during which the casting director of Here it all begins saw a fairly incredible number of young actors. Among which Thomas Da Costa, who was able to pull out of the game.

“Our casting director saw 175 actors, between those who sent self tapes, those who responded on social networks, like Thomas Da Costa, and those she contacted through their agents. On this selection, we have seen about forty actors. Which is a lot. In general, we meet a maximum of ten for a role. Then, we made an initial selection with TF1. We saw them again, we had them reworked. There was really a big stake on this character. Between the ambition we have for him and then his relationship with the Teyssier family, it had to be up to it. And we are very happy with the return of the public “.

From there to seeing Axel as a potential new “hero” of Here it all begins, imagined to fill the void left by Maxime’s departure, there is obviously only one step. But according to Sarah Farahmand, it is still too early to say whether Thomas Da Costa will become, over time, the new star of the soap opera.

“We’ll see. We don’t project anything on the actors because there is a magic, stories, a moment of troop that must be born. We do not plan this kind of thing. Théo and Célia it was not written by example. And I think Theo has never been more important in the series than since he is with Célia and that he exists apart from his father”.

“Magic, it is done or not”concludes the producer of Here it all begins. “It’s a story of charisma, stories, inspiration, moments. And all the characters have hero potential in them. But it’s true that, concerning him, we really want people to say to themselves “Ah yeah, if Axel is already in the next promo, we want to watch the sequel”.

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