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After her breakup with Lisandro, Anaïs, who has been lost since her past has resurfaced, has just exchanged a kiss with David in “Here everything begins”. Will they get back together? Julie Sassoust confides in this very strong plot.

AlloCiné: We’ve been waiting for the screenwriters for a long timeHere it all starts are interested in the past and the family of Anaïs. What was your reaction when you discovered that it was going to be the big back-to-school dramatic plot and when you discovered what they had in store for you?

Julie Sassoust : I was very happy to know a little more about Anaïs’ past. Especially since I thought it was going in the right direction. We have always known a very scholarly, very studious Anaïs, and in the end, all of this comes a little bit to explain the why and how. I thought that was very smart. And I was thrilled to know that I was going to have several weeks with a new partner, Liam Hellman, who plays David. I couldn’t wait to tour with him, to see how we would play together.

And as this arch launched season 3 of Here it all begins, it was important that the work be done well and that everything be “spectacular” enough for the public. With scenes intense enough for viewers to see Anaïs differently and cling to her all the more. And to David who is a new character.

Did you know when Liam Hellman arrived on set that his character was Anaïs’ ex-boyfriend?

Yes, I was aware from the start. Before working on an arch I like to have the summary to prepare myself well beforehand and to be ready once I’m on set. So it was important to know this in advance, especially since the two characters hide this link from everyone at the start of the plot.

How did it go between you? It immediately matched between Liam and you?

Honestly Yes. I know Liam got the answer to his casting just four days before he arrived on set. I felt a bit of stress and withdrawal from him at the beginning, which is normal because Here it all begins is a big machine. We all know each other very well and it’s not easy to embark on this adventure after two years. But after a week it was behind us and we got along very well.

And anyway we had no choice because we play two characters who have known each other for years and who have shared something very strong. So there had to be this chemistry between us. And luckily she was there.

Before discovering this plot, did you imagine in your head that Anaïs’ past contained a wound, whatever it might be?

At first, not really. I told myself that he was a very organized person, that everything had to be perfect. I tried to cultivate that, without necessarily thinking about the character’s past. But as the authors gradually brought in a fairly feminine side, with a lot of character, I told myself that there must be something in her past that had caused that, that made her have that character.

We know that it is during adolescence that we forge ourselves the most. I had imagined that her parents were perhaps very strict people, very hard on her, and that she had inflicted this regularity and this very relentless side of the work. It remained within the framework of the family, but I had not imagined such an intense injury.

But I think the authors had a brilliant idea. The brother-sister relationship is super interesting to play. Myself, I have a big brother and a big sister, so it touches me closely. I already knew the brotherly love that can exist within a family, it touched me a lot as soon as I read it and I thought it was going to be exciting to play.

Chef Meyer’s course having forced her to dive back into her past, Anaïs fell back into her past habits with David and got caught up in the game of “Cap or not cap”. Going so far as to cut off the current of the Double A and unwittingly cause the injury to Lisandro’s finger. Will she continue down this slippery slope? Will she continue to exhibit dangerous behavior?

Yes, this behavior will increase. Anaïs feels that there is jealousy towards David at Lisandro’s and their relationship is at its worst at the moment. The proposals she made for the menu of her card, and in particular the one concerning the dessert which is close to her heart, will be refused. With Salomé, they no longer speak to each other. Enzo, inevitably, takes a little part for Salomé because Anaïs is quite virulent, it’s either all black or all white. And suddenly the only person who understands Anaïs and agrees with her is David.

He really knows the whole story from A to Z. And Anaïs will continue to be influenced by David and, after a while, she will say to herself “Damn for damn, we might as well continue in this direction and we’ll see. what is happening”. So she will go after things, whether in the kitchen or with David.

Here it all starts Anais will go to the end

Not understanding why Anaïs spends a lot of time with David and why she acts strangely, Lisandro decided to end his relationship with Anaïs. And David and Anaïs, who feel a little alone against everyone, have exchanged a kiss. Does Anaïs still have feelings for her ex?

I think it’s the situation that does that. Afterwards, it remains his first love, so when we meet him again there are always feelings that resurface. Even if, often, it does not mix well and it is doomed to failure. I think that Anaïs falls back into David’s arms because of the situation, because he is hyper attentive with her. Casually, he is a character who has a lot of love for Anaïs and who is very endearing, given everything he does for her. And we will continue to discover it in the rest of the episodes.

And indeed I think that Anaïs lets herself go completely. She has a lot of love and affection for him, there is a very strong bond that unites them, but I think that at the moment she is especially a little lost with all that and no longer knows where to go.

And what about David? Is he really sincere with Anaïs or does he manipulate her a little to achieve his ends? Because we guess that he hides a secret, even if we don’t know exactly what it’s all about yet…

David doesn’t think like that. The only thing he wants is Anais’ happiness. He had been very clear from the start, he wanted something to happen between them. He never hid his feelings. And seeing Anaïs again caused something in him. But he does not think in terms of manipulation. He does things in the moment and there is nothing negative behind it.

Are we supposed to wonder if Mathieu is still alive? Could this be the secret that David is hiding?

Oh no, I can confirm that Mathieu is really dead, there is no question to ask (laughs). Anaïs’ brother is no longer there, that’s for sure.

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