Here it all begins: will Maxime and Salomé get back together? Clément Rémiens answers …

Despite their recent separation, do Maxime and Salomé still have a future together in “Here everything begins”? Clément Rémiens returned to the Salomé-Maxime-Ambre love triangle for us and teased us what happened next.

While Chloe and Alex, the flagship couple of Tomorrow belongs to us, is gradually getting closer after a long painful separation, Maxime and Salomé will they also meet in the next episodes of Here it all begins?

At the start of the school year, fans of the daily culinary series of TF1 saw the two heroes played by Clément Rémiens and Aurélie Pons separate, after nearly a year of passionate love, due to the infidelity of Maxime, who had ended up by cheating on Salomé with Ambre (Claire Romain). Without knowing that the latter was in fact seeking revenge on him and making him pay for a past error, linked to his little sister, Jade.

Since then, Salomé has approached Tom (Tom Darmon), while Maxime and Ambre have made peace. And if the writers of Here everything begins have not yet imagined a love story between the two characters, it remains a possibility, as Clément Rémiens told us a few days ago, during the first Here convention. it all starts organized by TF1 in Paris.

“We leave the doubt about Maxime and Ambre”, answers the star of Here it all begins when asked if a friendship or a romantic relationship is on the program for the two students of the Auguste Armand Institute in the next episodes. “I’m not sure they really know where they stand in relation to each other, but we leave the doubt, yes. Anyway, Maxime will choose his priorities. And, who knows, he will may choose himself “.

However, in the episodes of Here everything begins which will be broadcast next week on TF1, Salomé, in full doubt about Tom, will realize that she remains very attached to her ex. And this feeling will be visibly shared by Maxime. The first step towards a return of flames for the “princely couple” of ITC?

Here it all begins: will maxime and salomé get back together? Clément rémiens answers...
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“Honestly, between Ambre and Salomé, I think that Maxime’s choice over the long term is quickly made”, tease Clément Rémiens, thus admitting half-heartedly that his character will inevitably return sooner or later to Salomé, his great love.

“Even when their relationship is over, it is never really over between Salomé and Maxime. I think that spirits go beyond actions. So for me it will never be over between them. There is a liability, whatever. happens. It remains a strong duo, important for the series “.

“And in a relationship, there are ups and downs. It’s interesting, you have to deal with it. We’ve been doing it in recent weeks. And we’ll see what the future holds. But even if they do. meet again, I still want Maxime to also manage to focus on himself, on his studies, and on his future “.

Looking back, Clément Rémiens admits to being happy with the plot “Eye for eye” centered on Maxime’s secret and Amber’s vengeance, which allowed him to explore other less perfect facets of Maxime. “It doesn’t look like Maxime to cheat on his girlfriend, and yet he did. And from the start, in his head, he was pretty convinced of what he was doing, it didn’t really bother him. C it was fun to play that, for once, Maxime was not fully sane, that he was not in control “.

“Now that he has done his mea culpa, Maxime is going to ask himself questions about his relationship with Salomé”, continues the young actor. “If they have to get back together, I promise, it will be complex and temperamental. The Salomé-Maxime couple needs tension, madness, youth. They are a couple of young people far too mature for their age. And that’s also why Maxime deceived Salomé: because he found madness elsewhere, with Ambre. It’s good to mature quickly enough, but later on we sometimes wonder if we have enjoyed life. And I think Maxime needs more excitement “.

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