Here it all begins: will Alice succeed in separating Célia and Jérémy?  Diane Robert teases the rest of the plot - News Séries

Here it all begins: will Alice succeed in separating Célia and Jérémy? Diane Robert teases the rest of the plot – News Séries

Introduced a few days ago in “Here everything begins”, will Alice Gaissac manage to separate Célia and Jérémy? Diane Robert (“Plus belle la vie”), his interpreter, tells us more about this new character and his arrival in the series.

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After Greg’s parents, Hortense’s father, or more recently Mehdi’s mother, viewers of Here it all begins on TF1 were able to meet Alice Gaissac, Célia’s mother, on Friday, played by actress Diane Robert, well known to fans of Sous le soleil or Plus belle la vie.

Returned to Calvières to mend her relationship with her daughter, who hasn’t spoken to her since she found her a year ago in the arms of her best friend’s father – an infidelity that also cost her her marriage to Vincent -, Alice fell from above when she discovered that Celia was having a love affair with Jérémy, her half-brother. And seems determined to separate them. But will she succeed?

Diane Robert came back for us on her arrival in the soap opera and told us a little more about the complicated relationship between Alice and Celia, as well as the future of her character.

AlloCiné: What did you like in the role of Alice Gaissac when you were asked to join Here everything begins?

Diane robert : Already, I thought it was a quality daily series. The images are beautiful, there are good actors. There is a bunch of very talented young people, I was very happy to be able to tour with them. Including my daughter in the series, Rébecca Benhamour, who is really great. We both form a nice duo. And then it was great to find TF1 again, because I had been doing quite a bit for France Télévisions lately. And to be part of this big family here it all begins.

Alice seems to have a lot of character. How would you describe her?

She’s a bit like her daughter, who has character too. They look a lot alike at this level. Alice feels pretty guilty about what she did to her ex-husband and daughter, his betrayal. She returns to try to pick up the pieces, to reconnect with her daughter because she had left her without news for a few months. And their relationship is quite strained. Especially when Alice discovers the love story between Célia and Jérémy.

Alice tries to pick up the pieces with Célia, but she chooses to oppose her relationship with Jérémy, which does not really help her in her approach …

No it is true. Especially since her daughter always reminds her that she has no lessons to teach her because she herself is far from perfect. And that’s true. I think Alice is very worried about her daughter. She wants to help him, to be there, to be someone important in her life again. She does it a bit wrong, of course (laughs). But she will understand some things little by little. She loves her daughter enough to try to calm things down.

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But initially, Alice will do everything to separate Célia and Jérémy, is that right?

Yes, we can say that.

Will she find allies in Guillaume or Clotilde, who at the beginning also had a lot of trouble accepting the love story between Jérémy and Célia?

I obviously can’t say too much about it. But let’s say that Alice and Clotilde understand each other. Because Clotilde doesn’t greatly appreciate this relationship either. But Alice is not going to go so far as to put in place a strategy to derail this story. She loves her daughter, she still wants her to be happy above all.

Some fans have theorized that, to get out of this complicated situation they put Jeremy and Celia in, the writers will, one day, end up revealing that Celia is not Vincent’s daughter, that your character had. Celia with another man. It seems huge, and at the same time, Here Everything Begins is a soap. Do you think this is possible?

So there, if you think I’ll answer you, no no no, I won’t say anything (laughs). But the authors have a lot of imagination. And you have to do it when you write a daily newspaper like this, all year round. You have to have ideas, you have to know how to bounce back. And I think they know how to do it. But I won’t say more (laughs).

In terms of love, should we think that Alice also came back in the hope of picking up the pieces with Vincent, or in your opinion has she really moved on?

When Alice arrives in the series, during her first scene, she arrives during a moment of intimacy between Vincent and Laetitia. And she puts her bag on the floor and says, “I feel like I’m disturbing,” or something.

She still has an attitude that means “Watch out, I’m here, I’m your wife”. She has a real place, as Celia’s mother. His in-laws appreciate him very much. She made a mistake, a big mistake. But who doesn’t make mistakes in life? So, yeah, I think she still has feelings for her husband and wants to rebuild her family.

For the moment, Alice has the bad role a little, she comes to complicate the life of Célia and Vincent. Will she show other facets of herself, brighter or more peaceful, over the course of the episodes?

Yes, once again, the difficulty at the start is to reconnect with her daughter who is very angry with her. There is a confrontation, a misunderstanding. But even though Celia is a little tough and doesn’t show it at first glance, she adores her mother and has been hurt by this whole thing, so she is very happy to find her again. They just have to be in tune, that’s what they have to find at that time. And then things will necessarily calm down.

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How was your arrival on the series? It immediately stuck between Rébecca Benhamour, Flavio Parenti, and you?

Yes, it was great. With Flavio things are going very well. And I take great pleasure in filming with Rébecca, who is very spontaneous in her acting, very free. And I love it. It’s never the same from scene to scene with her. And I was generally very well received, I am delighted to participate in this adventure.

Is your character only there for the time of an ark, or can we hope to follow Alice for a while and see her become recurrent?

What is certain is that there are things to do with Celia and Alice’s relationship. And I really enjoyed playing with Rebecca so I would love to find our partner. Maybe we’ll see. The advantage is that I play the mother of a strong character in the series, so this family is there, it exists, and like any parent in the series, Alice can stay in the plots, or she can leave and then come back. .

Is a comeback in Plus belle la vie, in which you played the Mistral shrink, Caroline Fava, for several years?

No, it’s a page that has been turned. It was nice, it was a moment of life. We got to the end of this character, and now I have turned the page. I have done a lot of other things since then and I am very happy with it.

Exactly, do you have other upcoming projects that you can talk about?

I shot a “Meurtres à…” for France 3. Murders on the Frioul Islands, with Francis Huster, Jérémy Banster, and Avy Marciano. We had not yet done that in Marseille. I think it’s going to be a really nice TV movie, with some incredible footage from the region. And I think the audience will like it a lot, I can’t wait to hear from viewers.

The Here It All Episode trailer begins this week:

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