Here it all begins: who is Florence Coste (Laetitia Rigaut), the new guardian of the institute? – News Series

Here it all begins: who is Florence Coste (Laetitia Rigaut), the new guardian of the institute?  - News Series
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Tonight on TF1, the “Here everything begins” family is growing with the arrival of Florence Coste in the role of Laetitia Rigaut, the new guardian of the Auguste Armand institute. An actress who notably distinguished herself in 2020 in the series “H24”.


A new family arrives tonight in Here it all begins. Almost three months after the launch of the daily TF1 soap opera, viewers will meet Laetitia and Kelly Rigaut, the new guardians of the Auguste Armand Institute, played by Florence Coste and Axelle Dodier. Two sisters who hope to make a new start but who, as soon as they arrive at the cooking school run by Claire Guinot (Catherine Marchal), will sink into lies which could very quickly overtake them. And cause them some trouble. And if the name of Florence Coste is not necessarily familiar to you yet, the face of this 29-year-old actress certainly tells you something since she has already illustrated herself several times on TF1. And not just in fictions …

A former candidate for The Voice

Attracted by the stage very early on, Florence Coste prepared herself by taking singing, dancing and drama lessons. The young girl was chosen in 2007 to play Shéhérazade in the musical Aladdin. The title “We recognize each other”, in a duet with Nuno Resende, earned him a place in the best sales ranking. Delighted to realize her dream, the teenager slips into the panoply of The little Mermaid and joined in 2010 the troupe Once upon a time … Joe Dassin. Charmed by her talent, Julien, the son of the deceased idol, records with her “Monsieur Montand”, an album of covers released on the occasion of the 20 years of the singer’s death. In 2014, his participation in season 3 of The Voice allows him to try his luck among many candidates. Selected in Jenifer’s team, she was eliminated after a few weeks during the “battle” test.

Serial roles

While cherishing the hope of seeing the culmination of a more personal project, Florence Coste devotes herself in parallel to comedy. Servant of Angelica in the cinema, the young woman is noticed by the TF1 teams who ask her for several of their series. After turning the head of a Prince during an episode of Camping Paradis in 2012, she continues with Alice Nevers, Profilage, Le secret d’Elise, Munch or Balthazar. Ideally, the role gets her to harness her vocal abilities, such as in an episode of Research Section, in which she gives voice several times. In 2015, the actress embarks with Kev Adams for The American Dream, a TV movie that concludes the adventures of SODA on M6. The following year, she was a drowned victim to whom justice had to be done in La Face, a fiction by France 3 with Bruno Solo as public prosecutor. In order to complete the loop, Daniel Auteuil directs it for the big screen in his film Amoureux de ma femme, with Gérard Depardieu and Sandrine Kiberlain.

After H24, finally the big turn with Here everything begins?

In 2019, when Federation Entertainment decided to adapt the Finnish medical series Syke in France, Florence Coste was chosen to share the poster for H24 with Anne Parillaud, Frédérique Bel and Barbara Cabrita. For her first regular role in a series, the young woman plays Tiphaine, a nurse who is both strong and endearing, forced to work as a call girl to support herself financially. But this double life actually hides a heavy secret. Unfortunately, success is not at the rendezvous for this new medical series which, after a timid start in front of 3.65 million viewers (17.1% FRDA-50) on February 3, 2020, ends its race at the lowest on February 17, with only 2.59 million followers on average (14.1% FRDA-50). Thus sealing the fate of H24, which will not return for a season 2, even if the chain has never confirmed the thing.

Despite everything, the performance of Florence Coste, which really stood out from the crowd thanks to its freshness, seems to have caught the eye of TF1 which, less than a year later, therefore called on her to embody the new enigmatic guardian. From Here It All Begins, which will make its first appearance during the episode aired this Monday, January 25 at 6:30 p.m. Laetitia Rigaut, her character, is a strong-willed woman with a strong character, who does not hesitate to lie to get out of it, and does not always realize the extent of her lies. She still believes in Prince Charming, is waiting for him, and could well find him in the person of Vincent Gaissac (Flavio Parenti), whom she will meet via a dating application. The only worry is that Laetitia will lie to him about his job and invent a life for herself. A lie, added to an even bigger secret that she tries by all means to cover up, which could well threaten her fairytale dreams …

For more details on Florence Coste’s career, consult his filmography.

The Here Everything episode trailer begins January 25-29:

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