Here it all begins: who is Elise Tielrooy (Sylvie Rigaut), the interpreter of Salomé's mother?  - News Series

Here it all begins: who is Elise Tielrooy (Sylvie Rigaut), the interpreter of Salomé’s mother? – News Series

Sylvie Rigaut arrives this evening in “Here everything begins” in the hope of reconnecting with Salomé, whom she abandoned at birth. A new character played by Elise Tielrooy, well known to fans of “Research Section”.

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After having unraveled the secret of her origins last week in Here it all begins, Salomé (Aurélie Pons) will finally come face to face with her biological mother, Sylvie Rigaut (Elise Tielrooy), whom she believes dead because of yet another lie from Laetitia (Florence Coste).

In the episode broadcast this Monday evening on TF1, Sylvie, secretly warned by Kelly (Axelle Dodier), will land at the Auguste Armand Institute to meet Salomé, whom she abandoned at birth.

But a combination of circumstances will complicate things and Laetitia, shocked to learn that her daughter has reconnected with her grandmother for some time now, will attack Sylvie and ask her to leave Calvières on the field. Before she even had time to reveal her true identity to Salomé.

Fortunately for Maxime’s girlfriend (Clément Rémiens), Kelly will decide to speak up and tell Salomé the whole truth about Sylvie, who did not die in a car accident, as Laetitia claims, and no. ‘wait for only one thing: to be able to meet her. A first face to face which will take place on Tuesday and promises to upset Salomé like never before.

If Elise Tielrooy’s face is familiar to you, that’s okay. The actress who lends her features to Sylvie Rigaut has indeed illustrated herself in many fictions since the mid-1990s, whether in the cinema, with roles in Someone of Good, Serial Lover, La Chambre des officers, or All the girls are crazy. Or on television in series or telefilms such as Sud lointain, La Prophétie d’Avignon, Crimes et botany, La Promesse de l’eau, or more recently Le Diable au Coeur opposite Zabou Breitman and Maxence Danet-Fauvel.


But Elise Tielrooy is mainly known to viewers for having played in two successful TF1 series. My friends, my loves, my troubles, first of all, in which she played the lawyer Marie Bellot Kleber during four seasons from 2009 to 2015, alongside Bruno Madinier, Florence Pernel, Bernard Yerlès, or even Anne Charrier.

And obviously Research Section, which she joined in 2018, from season 12, in the role of Ariel Grimaud, the head of criminal identification technicians (TIC). Present in the last three seasons of the detective series, his character was entitled to a romantic rapprochement with Bernier (Xavier Deluc) during the final season broadcast this year. Before a real beautiful love story in the final episode currently in preparation in order to close the series as it should?

While waiting to find this final part of the Research Section on the air, fans of Elise Tielrooy can therefore find her tonight in Here everything begins, in the skin of Salomé’s mother. The actress, who will rub shoulders for the occasion with another star of the Research Section, Virginie Caliari, should appear in several episodes over the coming days. And Sylvie’s arrival at Calvières should not fail to create tensions between Salomé, Kelly, and Laetitia.

The trailer for the next episodes of Here It All Begins:

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