Here it all begins: who are Claire Romain and Benjamin Douba Paris, the interpreters of Amber and Solal?

Jennifer radier

Jennifer radier

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Every evening she travels between Sète, Calvières and Montpellier from her sofa. Tomorrow belongs to us, Here everything begins and Un si grand Soleil has almost no secrets for it.

From this evening, the young actors Claire Romain and Benjamin Douba Paris join the cast of Here it all begins in the roles of Amber and Solal, two contenders for the entrance examination of the Auguste Armand Institute.

The Auguste Armand Institute is preparing to welcome new recruits to Here everything begins. From this evening, the culinary soap opera of TF1 opens its doors to Ambre and Solal, a couple of students who came to try their luck in the entrance examination of the prestigious gastronomic school. And to interpret these two future students, the production relied on Claire Romain and Benjamin Douba Paris.

But who are these young actors?

If the face of Claire Romain is not familiar to you, the young woman is however not at her first attempt. After being illustrated in the film Moi César, 10 1/2 years old, 1,39m, she continues to appear in the cinema, in particular in A secret alongside Patrick Bruel, My friends, my loves or more recently in The Dodging Bullets. By landing the role of Amber in Here Everything Begins, the actress will take her very first steps on television.

Benjamin Douba Paris is not unknown to the faithful of the small screen since he already has several television roles to his credit. Thus, we could see it in the series Camping Paradis or Balthazar. Since 2019, he lends his features to Lucas in Criminal Tropics. On the cinema side, the actor is not left out either, since he played in Neuilly his mother, his mother or what is this Grandma ?! and VSwhat is this grandpa ?! where he plays the character of Eliott.

This year, Claire Romain and Benjamin Douba Paris are therefore embarking on a whole new professional adventure under the sun of Calvières. Their characters will leave their suitcases in the salt marshes in the Gaissac guest house. Adepts of free love, Ambre and Solal will not leave anyone indifferent and promise to be talked about a lot in the weeks to come.

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