Here it all begins: when will we see Elodie (Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni) again in the series?

Yesterday in “Here everything begins”, Elodie made the decision to be absent from the institute to participate in an experimental protocol that could allow her to regain her sight. When will we see her again in the series? Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni responded.

Here it all begins: when will we see elodie (sarah-cheyenne santoni) again in the series?
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After Louis (Fabian Wolfrom), currently interned in a psychiatric hospital to treat his suicidal tendencies and his toxic behavior, it is the turn of another character from Here everything begins to move away for some time from the Auguste Armand institute . As she announced in yesterday’s episode to Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal), Elodie, the visually impaired student played by Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni (Tandem), has decided to put her studies at the school on hold. kitchen to participate in a experimental protocol that could allow him to regain sight. A request accepted by the principal, which therefore means that Elodie will be absent from the intrigues in the weeks to come. But, do not panic, Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni does not leave for all that Here everything begins and will be back on the air soon.

In a message posted last night as a story on Instagram, the 24-year-old actress revealed that her character would be absent from the series “for 6 weeks”. Before teasing the rest of the plot, which could well change Elodie’s life: “Will she regain her sight? Answer at the end of March …”. Fans of the daily soap opera led by Clément Rémiens, Vanessa Demouy, and Aurélie Pons will therefore have to arm themselves with a little patience before discovering the fate of young Elodie Larroudé. Will she be able to start a new chapter in her life thanks to this operation that was offered to her by Gaëlle (Julie Dommanget), Lisandro’s ex (Agustin Galiana)? Or will it, on the contrary, have to face a major disappointment in the event of failure of the experimental protocol? The future will tell.

In any case, everything suggests that many twists and turns still await Elodie, after she recently took a darker and more calculating turn, which surprised TF1 viewers who did not expect to see the young woman slip from the dark side. While waiting for his return, the faithful of the series should not be bored since the next episodes will highlight the emerging relationship between Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka) and Hugues (Yann Sundberg), but also the rapprochement between Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) and Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt), new tensions within the Rivière family, and a potential romance for Claire (Catherine Marchal). And, who knows, by the end of March, Louis may also have returned to the institute.

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