Here it all begins: what really happened to Noémie? We have the answer at the…

Here it all begins: what really happened to noémie? We have the answer at the...

For several days, Noémie has strangely vanished while she was participating in the pastry championship in “Here everything begins”. But what really happened to the young chef? We have the answer!

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

If viewers were delighted to find Noémie (Lucia Passaniti) on screen after leaving for Singapore several months ago, chef Matret finally made an expeditious round trip to the Beaumont Hotel for the pastry championship in Here it all starts.

Indeed, the young woman mysteriously disappeared after discovering the many threats including Greg (Mikael Mittelstadt) paid the price. But one enigma remains: what really happened to him?

After his disappearance, Benoît Delobel (Joseph Malerba) received a message from Chief Matret’s number explaining that she had unfortunately had to leave urgently because of a family problem. However, this excuse did not convince some students, including Greg and Eliott (Nicholas Anselmo) who kept believing that the crow had gone after her to silence her.

Moreover, the apprentice cooks of the Auguste Armand institute continue to investigate on their side to discover who is really hiding behind their blackmailer. The latest clues finally suggest that whoever is having fun tormenting them is in the running to win the national pastry championship.

And according to the prepaid phone they found in Chief Cardone’s spare tire (Alexandra Vandernoot), there is no longer any doubt that she has an important role to play in the mystery of this summer plot.

But is she really the one who’s been pulling the strings from the start or is it staged? The return of Noémie will not take long to clarify the situation.


Viewers will finally have answers in the episodes broadcast this week on TF1. Indeed, Noémie will make a shock return to the soap opera on August 9 and provide essential information to students to finally unravel the mysteries that persist around the crow.

According to News News, the chef will return to the Beaumont hotel after having miraculously managed to get out of the place where she had been sequestered for days. Upon her arrival, Salomé (Aurelie Pons) will come to her aid while assuring her that she is safe since Chief Cardone has been arrested by the police. However, this news will not have the desired effect since Noémie does not seem to have been held captive by Annabelle.

Chief Matret is convinced that it is not a woman but a man since she briefly heard the voice of her attacker when he was on the phone. This information upsets the certainties of Salomé who wrongly thought that she had put an end to this story. But who really is the crow?

Only one thing seems certain after his testimony: Annabelle is ultimately not the person who threatens them. And that means the real blackmailer is still running within the Beaumont Hotel and can still go after the various championship contenders.

Who is hiding behind all the dramas that have hit the baking competition? Will the crow attack other characters after Noémie returns? And why is he attacking the participants of the championship? Answer in the next episodes ofHere it all starts.

Find Here it all starts Monday to Friday at 6:35 p.m. on TF1 and in replay or in advance on Salto.

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