Here it all begins what awaits you in episode 859

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Iris holds a crucial element to stay with her sons at the institute. By boasting about her conquests, Carla is caught in her own trap. Maya and Leonard find themselves abandoned…

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Monday February 12 in Here it all begins…

Leroy wants to get Iris fired

Since she showed up at the Leroys' house without warning on Friday evening, Iris has not returned. And this, because Marc refuses to see her.

Monday morning, Jasmine picks up Thibault to go to class. As far as he is concerned, he doesn't want to see his mother again. He still resents her for cheating on their father, then abandoning him after nearly killing them in a car accident. This is not the case for Jim, who would like to give him a chance. Thibault then reminds his brother that their mother disappointed him again last year and that he deserted because of her. Marc joins their conversation to assure them that Iris will not stay at the Institute. In fact, he is counting on Teyssier to fire her from her position as sommelier.

Meanwhile, Iris goes to the infirmary to see Constance again. She explains that she got hired at the Institute in order to reconnect with her boys, hoping that Constance would understand her. The latter believes that it is up to Thibault and Jim to take the step if they want to reconnect with her and not the other way around.

For their part, Teyssier and Leroy beg Antoine to fire Iris. But the latter remains firm in his position, favoring students who seriously need an upgrade in sommelier skills, especially since it is only planned for one month. Antoine offers to find a solution for Thibault and Jim if they are really uncomfortable, but refuses to fire Iris. Despite everything, Teyssier is not ready to give up.

At Double A, Stanislas introduces Iris to the students. For her first lesson, she begins by learning how to taste wine. She chooses Thibault for the exercise. He makes no effort, except when Stanislas asks him to. When Iris insists on asking Thibault how he feels about the wine he has just tasted, the young man can't help but throw his abandonment in her face.

Later, Thibault works in the kitchen with Jasmine on the Valentine's Day menu, still upset by his mother's presence. Jim, who goes into the kitchen to retrieve a utensil, is angry at his brother for not giving him a chance. Thibault doesn't want to hear anything, impatiently waiting for Iris to be fired.

Iris, for her part, goes down to the Institute's wine cellar. There she finds her old mahogany wooden chest. When she opens it, she discovers that a whole bunch of memories are still stored there. In a small box, she finds a love letter signed by Teyssier, of which she was the recipient.

At the same time, Jim goes down to the cellar. Iris hurries to hide the letter in her pocket. She takes the opportunity to apologize to her son. When they met again last year, Iris was overjoyed. But quickly, she couldn't bear to realize that she didn't know anything about him. Out of shame, she chose to cut ties, once again. Today, Iris says she wants to be part of their lives for good. Jim admits to her that he would like her to stay at the Institute.

After which, Iris goes to the management office where Teyssier and Leroy are waiting for her. She says she wants to modernize the Institute's wine cellar while reconnecting with her sons. Iris then addresses Teyssier in particular when she points out that she found lots of things in her old trunk. The director of the Institute then agrees to let her stay. Shocked by this turnaround, Leroy leaves the scene.

Once he leaves, Teyssier asks Iris to give him the letter she found because it could have serious consequences if it were made public. Iris declares that she has no intention of disclosing it. She would even be ready to destroy it, on the condition that Teyssier helps her get closer to her children…

Carla does not dare to go further with Bérénice

Knowing about the kiss exchanged by Carla and Bérénice in the marshes last Friday, Souleymane cannot help but question her friend about it. He wants to know if the two girls intend to become a couple. At the same time, Bérénice comes across them. Souleymane leaves them both, not without noticing the slight uneasiness between them.

Later, Souleymane finds Carla in class and tries to understand the origin of this discomfort. Carla admits to being paralyzed by the idea of ​​going further with Bérénice. Indeed, contrary to what she said during a party with her roommate, Carla has never slept with a girl. Souleymane suggests that Carla be honest with Bérénice on this subject, certain that the latter will not judge her.

For her part, Bérénice confides in Constance. She worries that Carla kissed him on impulse and doesn't want to go any further. Constance offers to Bérénice to leave the house to her for the evening so that they can sit down and discuss it quietly.

In the evening, Bérénice invites Carla to have an aperitif at her place. The two girls finally dare to talk about the kiss they shared on Friday – neither of them regrets it. They then begin to kiss languidly. But when Bérénice suggests that Carla go to her room, she panics and claims to have to go back to her roommate to prepare dinner.

Ethan says goodbye

In the locker room, Maya and Leonard discover by chance that Ethan's locker is completely empty. Worried, they take advantage of meeting him in the park to find out what is going on.

Ethan then announces to them that he is leaving the Institute that evening, admitting that he did not know how to tell them. Maya and Leonard are in shock. Ethan explains that he has lost interest in what he does for a long time and that he continued down this path only to please his mother. Before going to empty his room, Ethan invites them to his farewell party.

Later, Ethan meets all his friends in the park for his going away drink. David, Solal, Tom and Billie toast with him. Ethan then personally thanks Leonard for coming. The latter regrets that Maya left him because of him. Ethan puts things into perspective, happy to have been able to keep them as friends. Reunited, the trio hug each other.

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