In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Bérénice’s descent into hell continues. At Double A, Billie is torn between moral values ​​and career opportunities. Gaëtan's lie may not last long…

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Friday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Friday February 2 in Here it all begins…

Carla kisses Bérénice in front of the entire Institute

In order to comfort her sister, Constance brings her a breakfast of croissants and pain au chocolat. Bérénice is touched, but it is not enough to make her forget her public humiliation of the day before. Indeed, her lesbian erotic fiction was leaked throughout the Institute. From now on, everyone knows her sexual orientation and everyone suspects her of fantasizing about Rose Latour.

Bérénice admits to Constance that she does not feel the strength to go to the Institute. The latter shows compassion, while emphasizing that she should still go there and ignore those who make fun of them. At the same time, Bérénice receives a message from Myriel, who summons her.

Bérénice therefore goes to the management office, where Rose and Antoine are. The deputy director declares that the entire teaching team supports her and absolutely does not condone the harassment of which she was a victim. Moreover, Myriel intends to summon the students to reframe them. Bérénice takes the opportunity to assure Rose that she does not feel anything ambiguous towards her. The latter doesn't doubt it for a second since she knows how the writing process works as an author. Bérénice is relieved. Myriel then seeks to find out who could have leaked the text. Bérénice has doubts about someone, but she prefers to come back and see him when she is ready.

As she goes to the vegetable garden, Bérénice comes across Lionel and David re-enacting a scene from her erotic fiction. She pushes them to take things seriously and replay the scene like real actors, which completely cools Lionel. The two boys leave and leave her alone.

A little later, Carla comes to see Bérénice in the vegetable garden to apologize to her for their argument on Wednesday. Bérénice then questions her to find out who told her that she was a lesbian. Carla says Cardone made innuendos to her about it. Bérénice quickly makes the connection with Ethan, who was the only one to know her sexual orientation. While Carla declares revenge, Bérénice holds her back, preferring to wait a little before acting.

But when Carla meets Ethan in a hallway, she can't help but confront him, accusing him of having leaked Bérénice's erotic fiction and of having repeated everything to Cardone about his homosexuality. Ethan retorts that his mother simply overheard a conversation he had with Bérénice. Furthermore, he does not believe her capable of having printed the text to distribute it within the Institute. Very angry, Carla raises her voice to promise to ruin his life. Rose is forced to intervene to put a stop to it.

Rose takes Carla aside, reminding him that it is forbidden to attack students like this, even though she believes him guilty of having betrayed Bérénice. Rose also emphasizes that the best way to support her would be to be at her side rather than wanting to play vigilante.

Meanwhile, Cardone congratulates Livio: it was he who printed Berenice's erotic fiction and distributed it throughout the school. And this, with the sole aim of taking revenge on Carla, who viciously rejected him. For this service rendered, Cardone promises Livio that she will introduce him to chef Moreira and that she will tell him about her Master's project. Her only condition is that no one goes back to her. Livio, however, points out to him that this story has not distanced Carla from Bérénice. But Cardone believes that his objective has still been achieved since Bérénice still finds herself weakened by the situation.

Later, the students are gathered at the amphitheater. While waiting for Myriel, Bérénice fears facing her comrades. Carla encourages him to be worthy. As soon as they appear in the amphitheater, Bérénice is the source of ridicule, particularly from Lionel and David. Carla stands in front of them to defend her friend. Jim then openly suspects Carla of liking Bérénice.

Carla declares that she has been in love with her for a while and to prove it, she attracts Bérénice, whom she then kisses languidly in front of everyone. Bérénice is completely overwhelmed by this kiss. Carla whispers in her ear that if everyone believes them together, they will leave her alone. Bérénice is immediately disillusioned…

Gaëtan is surprised by Solal

During his sports class, Gaëtan challenges Jim to a series of pull-ups. Pénélope and Malik witness their competition and set the rules: the loser will make dessert for everyone. While Penelope assumes that Jim will win this challenge again, the latter ends up giving up after the fifth series of pull-ups. He agrees to make little Tatin-style apple puffs.

Gaëtan goes into the kitchen to offer Salomé his dessert, explaining that Jim lost his challenge. Salomé is touched. She then goes back to work. Joachim, who overheard their conversation, wonders how Gaëtan managed to beat Jim so easily when it was the other way around last time. He wants to know if Gaëtan took steroids. The young man says no.

However, Gaëtan hides in the Institute's vegetable garden to get a pill. Surprised by Solal, he drops his box on the ground. Seeing her, Solal wonders if he is sick, but Gaëtan sharply corrects him.

Billie is torn between values ​​and opportunities

In the cafeteria, Billie announces to Tom and Vic that she plans to accept Mathilde Carmel's internship in a palace in Geneva. Seeing her friend so enthusiastic, Vic prefers to tell her the truth about what she heard the day before: Mathilde Carmel is visibly interested in Billie's “racialized” profile. This is completely lost.

At Double A, Billie sets up an interview with Carmel to find out if she chose him because she is a black woman. The recruiter admits that the Silver Lion recently established an inclusion policy to improve its image. She also mentions that she got her position because management was afraid that she would be criticized for not hiring enough women. She wasn't offended by it though because it was a way for her to integrate into this environment. But Billie doesn't know if she can accept this. She asks for more time to think about the internship proposal.

During the service, Thibault learned that he had landed an internship in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Saint-Étienne. Vic and Billie are surprised because it is rather difficult to get an internship there. Thibault explains that his father knows the chef. If Vic is annoyed by this, Billie considers that he is simply seizing the opportunity given to him.

At the end of the service, Billie asks Stanislas if he chose her as the maître d' at Double A because she is a black woman. Her teacher assures her that this is not the case, citing all the qualities for which she was really chosen for this position. Billie then declares that she plans to refuse Carmel's internship offer because she prefers to be selected solely on her skills. Stanislas fully respects his choice. Tom commends Billie for remaining aligned with her values, even though he didn't doubt it for a second. To reassure her, he adds that he loves her for who she is and not for her skin color.

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