Here it all begins what awaits you in episode 852

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… It’s evaluation time for Bérénice and her brigade. Maïa and Laetitia's interviews take an unexpected turn. At Double A, Billie is the pancake queen!

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Thursday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Thursday February 1st in Here it all begins…

Bérénice is not at the end of her troubles

After being haunted all evening by her argument the day before with Carla, Bérénice goes to the Workshop very early to make progress on her preparations. Constance comes to see her to make sure everything is okay because she hasn't seen him much. Bérénice admits to him that she regrets that her argument with Carla went this far. But she prefers to concentrate on her desserts which she will have to present today to the chefs of the Institute.

Meanwhile, Carla confides in Rose, who has come to check on her regarding Bérénice. Carla tells him about their argument, admitting to being hurt that Bérénice does not trust her enough to tell her that she is a lesbian. Rose shows compassion towards Bérénice, pointing out that her position is not the easiest either. When Rose learns that Carla learned it from someone other than Bérénice herself, she insists on this point. Carla then blames herself terribly.

Having received a message from Livio, Carla joins him at the marshes. While the young man tries to make conversation to get to know her, Carla cuts it short. She specifies that she came only to sleep with him and nothing else. Livio hoped their relationship could evolve into something more serious. But Carla declares that this desire is not mutual. When Livio wants to take her home and stay on good terms, Carla vents her anger on him by listing everything she doesn't like about him.

At the Workshop, Bérénice accuses Ethan of having revealed to Carla that she was a lesbian because he was the only one she confided in. But the young man promises him that he has nothing to do with it. Bérénice then refocuses on her preparations, giving her instructions to her brigade. In particular, she decides to add more ganache to her Rubik's cake in order to make it lighter and to balance it with the pastry cream. Listening to him, Cardone declares that it was a mistake. But Bérénice sticks to her idea and receives the support of her brigade.

Later, Bérénice presents her desserts to the chefs of the Institute – Landiras, Rochemont, Armand – as well as to Rose. They taste the kouign-amann first and all give it good feedback. Concerning the Rubik's cake, a little more complex, Bérénice invites them to discuss it in detail using the recipe cards which have been specially printed. But the teachers actually come across erotic fiction written by Bérénice and signed with her name. Paralyzed, the young girl leaves the Workshop, while Cardone wears a devilish smile.

While crossing the park, Bérénice realizes that her erotic fiction has leaked throughout the Institute. In the middle of a panic attack, she meets her sister who immediately understands the situation. Constance snatches the copies held by the students from their hands. As for Carla, she suggests that Bérénice leave school. But the latter rejects her friend's outstretched hand, declaring that she wants to go home. Constance accompanies her, then promises to return to the Institute to destroy all the copies that have been distributed.

Later, Carla overhears a conversation between Tom and Billie in the cafeteria. Having managed to keep a copy of Bérénice's fiction, the young man reads a passage to his girlfriend: it talks about the protagonist's desire for a director whose mole on the corner of her lips she dreams of kissing. . Tom then assumes that Bérénice has a crush on Rose Latour…

Billie lands an internship

At Double A, Stanislas prepares the students for Candlemas. He gives them a demonstration for each crepe, especially the crepe flambée, so that he can reproduce it in front of customers. He specifies that Mathilde Carmel will be present during the lunch service and that she is seeking to recruit an intern at the Lion d'Argent, a palace located in Geneva. Stanislas ends by adding that he will be absent during the service. He therefore counts on Billie, now head waiter, to ensure the cohesion of the room.

During the service, Maya is responsible for the demonstration in front of Mathilde Carmel. But she can't get her pancake to flame. Seeing her comrade in distress, Vic immediately warns Billie. The latter comes to take over from Maya and succeeds perfectly in the flaming.

At the end of the service, Mathilde Carmel approaches Billie to offer her an internship at the Silver Lion. Indeed, she noticed that she had something extra. Billie immediately accepts his proposal. Once Carmel leaves, Billie announces the good news to Vic who is happy for her.

Later, Mathilde Carmel announces to Stanislas that she has set her sights on Billie. She then makes racist remarks, going so far as to ask Stanislas if the school has implemented a “diversity program”. Then, she congratulates him for placing someone like Billie in such a position, praising the “beautiful message” it sends. Uncomfortable, Stanislas cuts the conversation short. A little further on, Vic heard everything.

Laetitia is troubled by Stanislas

Asleep, Laetitia dreams that Maïa wakes up from her coma thanks to her voice and her reading celebrity magazines. Finally, it's Kelly who wakes up her mother. Laetitia takes the opportunity to admit to him that she returned to Maïa's bedside the day before and that Stanislas even gave her his agreement to go there again. They're going to go together a little later today. Kelly finds this very generous of her mother, but she worries that she will get too involved with someone she doesn't know and end up disappointed. Laetitia promises her not to have too much hope that Maïa will wake up.

Later, Laetitia joins Stanislas at the hospital with Maïa. She shows him the magazines she read to him last time, in particular the cover about Beyoncé which made him react. When they mention it again, Maïa blinks. Deeply moved, Laetitia shakes Stanislas's hand. Disturbed by this contact, Laetitia pulls herself together, then pretends to have forgotten something to do before leaving in a hurry.

At the Institute, Laetitia meets Zacharie and Kelly who are surprised that she is not in the hospital. Uncomfortable, Laetitia claims that Stanislas no longer wants her to come because it is useless. Zacharie thinks that it's not any worse.

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