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Here it all begins what awaits you in episode 844

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Bérénice raises the mustard in her teacher's face. Claire bends over backwards to get Louis out of prison. For her part, Laetitia is zealous at Double A.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Monday January 22 in Here it all begins…

Cardone has Bérénice in the viewfinder

Having been selected in chef Cardone's brigade for the Pastry Days, Bérénice wants to do everything to rise to the occasion. She revises the basics using video tutorials, particularly on macaronage which she does not master. When Teyssier catches her in the act, he does not hesitate to make fun of her, pointing out that she should have reviewed these basics a long time ago. Constance defends her half-sister, who ends up going to class.

Constance takes her husband aside, reproaching him for not encouraging Bérénice at her own pace when he knows full well that she fights every day against her school phobia. She also criticizes him for choosing Cardone to supervise the brigade when he himself was traumatized under his orders. Teyssier retorts that there was no one else as excellent available.

At the Institute, Cardone joins the brigade, made up of Bérénice, Carla, Ethan, Solal and Tom, at the Workshop. She announces that they will take a series of assessments over three days so that she can ensure their level and rank them. The student who tops the rankings will be named brigade chef, responsible for creating original, star-worthy desserts during the Pastry Days. The first assessment consists of making a minimum of 300 macarons in 6 hours.

The test begins. Bérénice is not moving quickly enough. Carla suggests he take second grade. Sensing Cardone lurking behind her, Bérénice panics. She has to start again the batch she had just prepared. Carla encourages him not to give up, while Solal lends him a new hotplate. Bérénice retorts that she doesn't need them.

Later, at the Commissary, Solal, Tom and Ethan appear rather confident. If Tom and Ethan criticize Bérénice and judge that she is out of place, Solal defends her by suspecting her of suffering from school phobia. When Ethan adds that Bérénice is only part of the brigade by piston, Solal points out that he is obviously always trying to impress his mother. Ethan retorts that he will be brigade leader because he is the best and not because of preferential treatment from Cardone.

Back at the Workshop, the boys are struggling. Especially Ethan. When she notices that she is late, Bérénice panics. In a manic reflex, she arranges the utensils on her work surface. Seeing her, Carla takes his hands and forces him to look into her eyes. She reminds him that she is perfectly capable of catching up. Reboosted, Bérénice gets back to work.

At the end of the test, Cardone does the counts: Solal made 310 macarons, Tom 305, Ethan 345, Carla 300 and Bérénice 168. Cardone declares that she did not respect the instructions. Having noticed her manic side, the boss decides to make Bérénice the brigade's cleaning manager, responsible for washing the dishes, washing the floor and clearing the work surfaces…

Claire works in favor of Louis

Having visited Louis in prison over the weekend, Rose discusses it with Claire, admitting that she really felt the sincerity of her half-brother's regret. The latter also spoke to him about the possibility of provisional release while awaiting his trial. Claire admits to hoping that he can obtain a favorable vote from the Institute's educational council so that he returns to teach there. Olivia notes that it would take at least 4 votes. Rose thinks she can find the words to convince Clotilde, but if she refuses Claire intends to ask Hortense. Once Rose leaves, Olivia sticks to her position: she understands her partner's motivations, but she does not approve of her conspiratorial methods.

As agreed, Rose discusses the situation with Clotilde, in the presence of Joachim. Clotilde turns away, categorically refusing to vote in favor of Louis. Even though their father knew he had poisoned her and forgave her, she says that is not the case for him.

Later, Joachim tries to cheer Clotilde up. He suspects her of feeling guilty for not helping her half-brother. Especially since she should understand Claire's motivations since she herself had done everything to prevent Jérémy from going to prison. Clotilde retorts that it is not at all comparable.

For her part, Claire asks Hortense, reminding her that she had promised to do her a favor. Marc joins in their conversation. Claire claims that the next vote of the educational council concerns questions of planning and courses. Once their colleague leaves, Claire insists on Hortense, who agrees to vote in favor of Louis.

Laetitia is zealous

At Double A, Stanislas discovers that Laetitia got up early to take care of the setup. He explains to her that he has already reinstated her in his classes and that she does not need to prove herself. But Laetitia admits that it doesn't bother her. She even goes so far as to offer her help with more personal matters concerning Maïa. But Stanislas doesn't want to talk about it at the Institute for fear of it getting out.

After the service, Laetitia surprises Stanislas on the phone, visibly bothered by a problem. She serves him coffee to cheer him up. Touched, Stanislas apologizes to him for the somewhat abrupt way in which he refused his help.

He admits to Laetitia that he finds himself in a delicate situation: he absolutely has to go to an appointment with a supplier, but it takes place at the time he is used to going to the hospital. to read to his wife. He emphasizes the importance of these kinds of rituals for people in a coma. Stanislas therefore asks Laetitia to replace him at the hospital that day. She accepts.

Once home, Laetitia confides in Zacharie and Kelly, extremely apprehensive about finding herself face to face with a woman in a coma to read to her.

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