Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 808 of Friday December 1, 2023 –

Here it all begins what awaits you in episode 808

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… Jim and Jasmine join the investigation. Laetitia gets caught at her own game. While Hortense tries a new association in the kitchen, Maya sees red.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Friday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Friday December 1st in Here it all begins…

Jim and Jasmine investigate

After learning that the explosion that put Thibault in a coma was of criminal origin, Jim has only one thing in mind: unmasking the culprit. His father, however, formally forbids him from intervening and orders him to let the police do their work.

Obviously, Jim does as he pleases and decides to conduct his own investigation. He goes to the Workshop hoping to find clues. There, he comes across Jasmine, who has also come to try to understand what happened. So they start searching together. On a work surface, Jim notices Bérénice’s kitchen knives. It is certain that they are hers because she has a super maniacal way of putting them away. For Jasmine, this does not constitute proof in itself. But Jim insists by making the link with Bérénice’s strange behavior during their exams.

As Jim prepares to confront Bérénice directly, Jasmine holds him back. She prefers to take charge and make the young girl speak in her own way. So she joins Bérénice at the studio a little later and offers to help her in the kitchen. Jasmine takes the opportunity to question him about his exams, then to show him the photo of the knives she found at the Workshop. Bérénice admits that she was there without authorization, but swears not to have touched the ovens. Jasmine believes her.

In the park, Jasmine informs Jim of her discussion with Bérénice. Jim is disappointed to have to start his investigation from scratch. Jasmine assures him that she won’t let him go. Jim thanks her. Both then go to the hospital to see Thibault.

For her part, Bérénice goes to the infirmary to admit to Constance that she has done something serious: very stressed by the exams last Wednesday, Bérénice drank a lot of alcohol before going to the Workshop to cook a recipe that she had not mastered at all. Even though everything is blurry in her head, Bérénice declares that she thinks she caused the explosion…

Laetitia is caught at her own game

In the park, Laetitia proudly announces to Kelly that she will be able to return to Stanislas’ classes. But upon learning how her mother went about convincing their teacher to change her mind about her case, Kelly blames her for putting the Third Years in a situation where they risk getting a zero for absenteeism. Kelly therefore forces him to tell Stanislas the truth.

At Double A, Laetitia tries to talk with the room teacher to find out his intentions towards the Third Years. The latter actually intends to give them a zero.

Very annoyed, Laetitia confides in Salomé. She tries to find a solution that suits everyone. However, she realizes that she has no other choice than to admit that she sent an email to the Third Years to excuse them from the previous day’s service.

Laetitia returns to Double A to confess the truth to Stanislas and take her punishment. However, the classroom teacher is ready to give him one last chance. In passing, he reveals that he was already aware of his lie, since he had questioned the Third Years the day before at the end of the day to find out the reason for their collective absence.

Hortense creates a new pair

In the park, Hortense approaches Maya to try to understand why she seems angry with Léonard. Maya explains that they talk less because he has trouble finding his place between her and Ethan. Hortense sympathizes because she experienced the same situation with Eliott and Mehdi at one time. But she assures Maya that things will work out in the end.

A little later, Hortense talks to Mehdi about the situation. Saddened to see Leonard withdrawing into himself, Hortense undertakes to find him a new friend in the person of Malik. During her class, she takes the opportunity to put them in pairs and have her students work on a recipe evoking complementarity.

Ideas flow between Malik and Leonard, who decide to go with a chocolate-coconut combination with a visual of yin and yang. For her part, Maya is paired with Souleymane. Both start with a lawyer-pomegranate association.

At the end of the lesson, Hortense tastes her students’ plates. She notes that Maya and Souleymane’s proposal is a bit simplistic and that the flavors are unbalanced. On the other hand, Hortense congratulates Léonard and Malik for their excellent work. This strengthens the bond between the two boys. From afar, Maya watches them with jealousy.

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