Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 71 of Monday, February 8, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins what awaits you in episode 71

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Lisandro has an alibi, Jérémy wants to stop cooking. Hugues wants to pay the tuition fees of Hortense.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday February 8 in Here everything begins …


Following Elodie’s accusations, Lisandro is summoned to Antoine’s office and swears that he did not hit her. Certain that his student is seeking revenge, Lisandro begs his colleagues to believe him because it could cost him dearly. Shortly after, Lisandro joined Rose in the gardens of the establishment. Even if she believes him incapable of doing such a thing, she prefers to keep her distance from him because she is terribly angry with herself for having cheated on Antoine. For her part, Elodie tells Louane and Ludivine that she was attacked by their teacher. Revolted, the Rivière sisters are determined to cause a real scandal so that this is known. Not far from there, Maxime warns Rose that he saw them with Lisandro in the greenhouse on Friday. Uncomfortable, she admits that it was a terrible mistake and assures him that she loves Antoine. Maxime, who makes no judgment, promises to keep it a secret. During this time, Antoine does not want to make the same mistake as with Louis and decides to question Elodie again. The latter reports that Lisandro would have slapped her around 6.30 p.m. Friday evening. Claiming to be afraid that he will attack her once more, Elodie pushes the principal to take the necessary measures. At home, Antoine explains to his partner that he no longer knows where the truth is in this story. After hearing Elodie’s version of events, Rose finds Lisandro and declares that he has an alibi to prove his innocence. Indeed, when Elodie claims to have been hit, they were making love in the greenhouse.


At the Gaissac’s, Jérémy tells Célia and Vincent of his desire to stop cooking. Now that the situation has calmed down at the Institute, Vincent encourages his son to resume his year and to see in a few weeks whether this discipline is made for him. At the Institute, Jérémy meets his father. Happy to see him, Guillaume apologizes to him for his comments the week before. No matter how much he expresses his wish to see him come home, Jérémy replies that he needs time alone to take stock of his life. Moved, Guillaume shows understanding and clarifies that he will always be there for him. In cooking class, Clotilde tries to boost her son’s abilities. Unfortunately, the young man gets carried away and then says that he is tired of cooking. He then goes to Claire’s office and tells her that he wants to end his studies because he has never had a passion for this field. So that he doesn’t make a hasty decision, the headmistress gives him a two-week break to think things over.


In the morning, Guillaume points out to Hortense that she must pay her tuition fees before the end of the week, otherwise she will be excluded from the Institute. Worried, the student tells Eliott and Célia about the situation. As she has a meeting with Hugues during the day, Hortense does not know if she should ask him for money. While Celia pushes her to distance herself from this man, Eliott, who is convinced that he is not dangerous, encourages him to seize this boost of fate. Subsequently, Hortense told Hugues about her financial difficulties. The latter is ready to help him but Hortense is against it, explaining that she has no desire to feel indebted. Later, Hugues is with Claire to collect the balance sheet. Insofar as he wants to know if students are forced to stop their studies for lack of money, Claire brings up the case of Hortense. Having always dreamed of cooking without having the means, Hugues offers to pay the young woman’s school fees. Claire then promises to talk to Guillaume about it to see how to organize.