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In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Louis tries to end his life, nothing goes between Noémie and Gaëtan. For his part, Theo threatens his father to tell Constance the truth.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday January 28 in Here everything begins …


Certain that his mother wants to put the explosion on his back to get rid of him, Louis confides in Elodie. Worried about him, the young woman finds Claire and shares her fears with her. Chef Guinot is reassuring and promises to talk to him in the hope of fixing the situation. Meanwhile, Rose clears things up with Lisandro. While the classroom teacher feels guilty for having taken advantage of his vulnerability, Rose replies that the wrongs are shared but nevertheless wishes they were avoided for the moment. Not far from there, Louis is exhausted and reveals to all his comrades the accusations of which he is the victim. In a black anger, the young man also evokes his suspicions against his mother before leaving the kitchens furious. Afraid, Salomé and Anaïs report to Antoine what happened and urge him to do something as soon as possible. Having no other choice, the principal informs Claire that he intends to call the gendarmes to put them on Louis’ trail whatever the consequences. Shortly after, Claire joins Louis to warn him that Antoine has warned the authorities and that she intends to blame the explosion on a fit of madness to avoid him going to prison. Exasperated, Louis declares that the gendarmes will not have him and takes refuge on the roof of the Institute. The desperate Guinot son yells at people watching him from below that his mother is the cause of the explosion and swears that they will have his death on their conscience. The young man then climbs on the balustrade ready to jump into the void.


Gaëtan has been waiting for his students for more than thirty minutes to give his sports lesson. When Caroline indicates that they were held in pastry class with the chef Matret, Gaëtan, who is convinced that she did it on purpose, arrives in the kitchen and demands that his students follow him immediately. Noémie may justify her delay because of an oven problem, Gaëtan does not believe her and thinks that she is doing all this because of what happened the previous Friday. The two professors then go to the principal’s office and break down once more. When Antoine launches that it is the teachers’ responsibility to respect the schedules, Noémie sees male solidarity in it and leaves the place angry. Caroline, present during the exchange, understands that Noémie and Gaëtan turn around and bet 20 euros with Antoine that they will end up together.


As she is a little late due to her state of health, Teyssier suggests that Marta give her private baking lessons. While she excludes any preferential treatment, Emmanuel ensures that what happened between them will not happen again. Later, the young woman warns Theo that she is going to take lessons with her father. Even if he shares his reluctance with her, the student reminds her that her future is at stake and guarantees that nothing will ever happen with her father. At the end of his course, Teyssier would like to schedule another work session for the next day. The young woman hesitates but her teacher makes her understand that she cannot fail her year because of her son’s paranoia. At the end of the day, Theo finds his father and threatens to reveal everything to Constance if he does not leave Marta alone.

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