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In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Gaëtan strives to make Salomé listen to reason. For his part, Lisandro receives an unexpected proposal and hesitates to accept it.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, February 13 in Here it all begins…

Gaëtan tells Anaïs about his break-in at Thomas’s the day before and the photos of Salomé’s recipe book that he found in his tablet. However, he doesn’t know how to warn Salomé without her getting angry. Anaïs proposes to speak to him directly.

A little later, Gaëtan sees Thomas in the park of the Institute. He takes it out on him and tries to understand his motives for destroying his girlfriend’s future. In return, Thomas accuses him of being paranoid. Gaëtan loses control, grabs him by the collar and pushes him against a wooden pillar. At the same time, Salomé intervenes to separate them, mad with rage against Gaëtan.

Salomé then goes to the Atelier to publicly announce her decision to stop the Master and leave the Institute today in order to focus on her project thanks to the launch of her restaurant with Thomas. If Fayet thinks it’s a good initiative to bounce back, Rose is stunned, as is Anaïs. For his part, Louis congratulates Charlène for having succeeded in ousting her enemy as planned. The young girl thanks her ex for not taking revenge after what she told him and agrees to celebrate her victory with him.

Despite a one-on-one with Salomé to persuade her to continue the Master until the end, Rose is powerless. She therefore transmits the information to Teyssier, who expresses no regrets. The director of the Master has understood that Salomé has been the victim of an injustice and that he has taken Charlène’s side, but she is still sick of her colleague’s behavior.

Meanwhile, Charlène and Louis clink glasses with champagne. Immediately, Charlène kisses the young man, then apologizes for having manipulated him to get rid of Salomé. Louis claims to understand his ambition and not hold it against him. Charlene takes refuge in his arms, happy to finally find the person who really understands her. Louis then pours them new glasses of champagne to finish their bottle and asks Charlene to go get a second one. As soon as her back is turned, he takes the opportunity to rummage through her bag.

In the park of the Institute, Thomas explains to Kelly his restaurant project with Salomé. Kelly is very proud of her father and admits to being very happy for her relationship with her aunt. Thomas promises that he will do everything to make her happy.

In the locker room, however, Anaïs approaches her best friend to tell her about Gaëtan’s find and push her to question Thomas’s motives. Salomé continues to defend her boyfriend tooth and nail and does not want to hear anything. When she meets Gaëtan in the hallway, she can’t help but call out to him to ask for an explanation. Gaëtan confesses everything: his break-in at Thomas’s and his discovery of the photos on his tablet. He begs Salomé to rummage through her boyfriend’s emails to check whether or not he sent those famous photos to Charlene…

In the kitchens of Double A, Jude notices that chef Théo has his mind completely elsewhere. He admits that he is obsessed with the author of the lunchbox, always convinced that it is a woman. He is also very disappointed not to have had an answer to his note. Jude makes her see the positive in the situation: she allowed him to turn the page with Vic.

Meanwhile, Jasmine runs into Anaïs at Double A and asks what happened to the lunchbox. Anaïs replies that she hasn’t the head to respond to the word or to prepare a dish with the bag of cardamom we left her. She is too preoccupied with Salome’s problems. Nevertheless, she can’t wait to finally be able to spend an evening alone with Lisandro for Valentine’s Day.

For his part, Lisandro is summoned by Antoine and Teyssier. The latter tell him that he will have to replace the American champion of the mixology championship following his withdrawal. Lisandro will therefore leave the next day for a five-week world tour aimed at promoting the competition and bartending. Lisandro accepts this wonderful opportunity even though it is quite unexpected.

Back home, Lisandro organizes a candlelight dinner in advance for Anaïs. When she arrives, he explains to her that he must postpone their Valentine’s Day party because he will be leaving the next day for five weeks. Anaïs is delighted that such an opportunity presented itself to him, even if she understands that the lack will be difficult to manage with the distance. Lisandro agrees, however appreciating his understanding.

Hortense calls Eliott, Lionel, Jude and Mehdi to the studio to suggest that they study together to prepare for and pass their exams. No one is really into the idea except Eliott. Finally, the small group is convinced that this is the only solution and appoints Mehdi as their coach because he is the most disciplined of them.

Mehdi takes his role very seriously. He organizes an intense work schedule for the whole week, including the weekend, with four preparations a day. Despite the efforts involved, everyone gets involved. But gradually, no one takes pleasure in it. Especially since Mehdi is particularly intransigent, on the verge of turning into a Teyssier bis.

At the end of the day, the whole group is exhausted. In the absence of Mehdi, they consult on the rest of their schedule. Eliott believes such up-front work isn’t worth it if it’s only to have them washed out on the day of the assessments. Everyone is counting on Hortense to say a word about it to her boyfriend. She agrees to talk to him, but only after Valentine’s Day is over.

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