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In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Salomé receives a golden proposal, while Louis investigates Charlène’s double game. In the kitchen, Zacharie intervenes to call Lionel to order.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Thursday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, February 9 in Here it all begins…

Salomé tells Thomas about her hellish day the night before. To cheer him up, the latter offers him to buy a restaurant in the city center of Nîmes, which he has already spotted. He plans to set up the restaurant together, but leave the controls to him at the menu level. Salomé is troubled and prefers to take her time to think about it. Thomas is understanding, stating that he won’t let her down.

Arriving at the Institute, Salomé confides in Anaïs. She tells him that she was manipulated by Gaëtan and Teyssier to create her menu. She also tells him about the kiss she exchanged with Gaëtan the day before. Even though nothing else happened, Salomé admits to having felt more than she would have thought during this kiss. Since then, she feels guilty. Especially since Thomas supports her and has big plans for both of them.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, Livio encourages Charlène for the tasting. He is interrupted by Louis, who comes to discuss alone with his ex. Charlène reproaches him for having been grilled by Salomé, who then threw everything at her father. Louis finds it suspicious of Emmanuel to keep his daughter’s project when he knows the truth. He offers Charlene to dig in this direction, but she curtly rebuffs him. Louis realizes that Charlène has been lying to him all along.

At the Atelier, Teyssier, Rose and Fayet carry out the tasting and validate Charlène’s menu, which will be sent for testing the next day to Double A customers. Charlène expresses her joy and pride. Teyssier also wishes to salute the work of his brigade, in particular Salomé, who took his defeat and put all his talent at the service of the menu. Anaïs is surprised by this mention. Salomé assumes that the director feels guilty.

Later, Salomé meets Gaëtan in the hallway. She still feels illegitimate in her work, while he maintains that Teyssier’s advice only served to perfect her ideas. Salome then goes back to the kiss they exchanged the day before, stating that she is ok with keeping her distance from him as she is in love with Thomas.

For his part, Livio offers Charlene a drink to celebrate his success. He suggests that she stop being depressed because of her father and sings his praises. Louis sees them together and realizes that Charlene has indeed made fun of him. Charlene and Livio leave. But Charlène forgets her cell phone on a table when she receives a message from an unregistered number which gives her an appointment at 5 p.m. place des Lices asking her to be discreet. Louis has just enough time to read it, discreetly. A few seconds later, Charlène comes to pick up her laptop.

In order to take revenge for Charlène’s manipulation, Louis entrusts the information to Gaëtan. He admits in passing that he sabotaged Salomé’s dish the day before, but that he never touched his recipe book. Gaëtan goes to the meeting place to watch over Charlène and realizes that the author of the message she received is none other than Thomas…

Faced with questions from Samia, Billie claims to have slept with Solal. She says that they got along very well, intellectually and physically, but that they agreed that it would remain a simple adventure, nothing more. Samia is completely confused.

At the CDI, Samia confirms to Tom that Billie slept with Solal. Vic joins their chat to find out the details. Samia explains that something serious could happen between Billie and Solal as they got along so well. Vic then offers to organize a helping hand of fate.

After class, Vic asks Tom, Billie and Solal to go have a drink all together, then she manages to leave Billie and Solal alone. Later, Tom goes to see Billie in her room to find out how it went. Billie admits that Solal has it all: he’s cute, funny and very friendly. Tom hides his jealousy, while Billie tickles him by imagining himself in a relationship with Solal. Tom retorts that she deserves much better because she is funny, sexy and has a unique aura. Billie is very touched. They end up kissing and sleeping together again.

While waiting for Landiras’ class, the Third Years are a bit scattered. Especially Jude, who is only thinking about the new Double A menu, and Lionel, who is thinking about ideas for the menu of his future restaurant.

When Landiras asks them to make a Montansier for the third time this year, most of the students disperse. Lionel lets go of Hortense to phone Vaton, while Jude lets go of Mehdi to work on a sauce for the Double A.

By chance, Landiras surprises Lionel in the park of the Institute on the phone with Vaton. He reminds her that he is supposed to be in the kitchen for his evaluation on the Montansier.

Landiras then comes to taste the students’ dishes. He is very disappointed with the result, especially since they are supposed to have mastered this recipe for some time. The leader sees the Third Years taking it easy, but he reminds them that they haven’t graduated yet and can’t afford to. He therefore asks them to redo a Montansier which he will come to taste the next day at the first hour.

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