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In the next episode of “Here everything begins”, the Circle welcomes a new member while Teyssier makes life difficult for his clerks. In the kitchen, Jasmine surprises the chefs with her revisited galette des rois.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Friday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, January 6 in Here it all begins…

At the Atelier, Clotilde pronounces the list of students selected as clerks: they are Vic, Charlène, Hortense, Enzo, Samia, Tom and Kelly. Since the duo of Salomé and Anaïs refused to face each other, Ethan is drafted in as a clerk. Samia then tries to approach her boyfriend to put their old argument about the selections into perspective, but the young man still doesn’t want to speak to her. When Vic tries to comfort Samia, she walks away.

For her part, Hortense finds Mehdi, who needed to isolate himself a little. He admits to feeling useless and humiliated. He doesn’t understand how he could add a whole jar of peppers to his preparation and thus ridicule himself in front of the chefs. Hortense ends up admitting to him that it was she who sabotaged his dish because she couldn’t stand her sister’s success. Deeply hurt, Mehdi kicks her out.

He then finds Enzo and Vic at the Atelier. He claims to have said nothing about the Circle to Hortense, then adds that he wants to be part of it, now that he knows that his girlfriend does not hesitate to play it personal.

Vic then proudly announces the news to Ferigno. He only half congratulates her. He informs her that he intends to take Enzo and Samia into his squad for the Championship. He deems Vic more useful in another squad, especially for committing further cheats. His goal being, obviously, to crush Teyssier. Ferigno accuses his former teacher of having turned Auguste Armand against him when he was still a student.

But for her part, Clotilde has decided that the chefs will not have the right to choose their clerks. These will be raffled off. Ferigno bumps into Enzo and Charlene. Teyssier bumps into Hortense and Tom. Meyer bumps into Ethan and Samia. Finally, there are Vic and Kelly for chef Théo.

Later, Mehdi discovers the Circle’s secret room, while Vic begins to feel guilty for having recruited him. Mehdi then discovers that Ferigno is the leader of the Circle. The latter warns him immediately: they will need his help to crush Teyssier at the end of the Championship.

Meanwhile, Teyssier is working on a langoustine dish with Hortense and Tom at the Atelier. The chief tyrannizes over his clerks. Especially when Tom stands up to him. Teyssier makes him climb on a crate and openly humiliates him by pointing out all his failures, even if it means making him cry. Back at his post, Tom tries to pull himself together. Hortense reminds him to ignore Teyssier’s behavior because he’s always despicable when he’s stressed. Tom retorts that the leader is despicable under any circumstances and that he deserves to die.

At the end of the day, Teyssier tastes the dish they all brought out together. Dissatisfied with the result, he prepares to work again. Clerks point out that they must attend the opening night of the Championship. But Teyssier gets carried away by decreeing that they will not leave the Atelier until they have brought out a plate worthy of the name. Suddenly, the leader collapses on the ground…

Esteban surprises David and Deva in the early morning. He quickly guesses that they spent the night together when they had no right to. In exchange for his silence, Esteban wants to recover the box of galettes des rois beans displayed on the counter of the Double A.

While David and Deva promise each other not to give in to the little boy’s blackmail, they end up doing it anyway, having no other choice to avoid Inesta knowing about what they have done.

While retrieving her son, Inesta still ends up discovering the box of beans in her son’s bag. So he confronts David and Deva at the Double A about it. David ends up confessing the truth. But Esteban takes his defense. Inesta therefore decides to give up.

Stressed at the idea of ​​having to admit to Landiras that the cake he tasted the day before was not his, Jasmine prefers to work on her own version. Even if Axel advises her not to say anything and Eliott agrees to give her his recipe, the young girl is determined to prove herself.

In the kitchen, Jasmine is helped by Axel. She decides to go with a galette des rois made with chocolate and hazelnuts. A little later, chef Guinot accompanies Landiras to come and taste Jasmine’s galette. The professor always expects to taste an improved version of the galette à la crème de calisson.

The two chefs taste Jasmine’s galette, who then reveals to Landiras that the galette he tasted the day before was Eliott’s. Fortunately, his revisit pleases, so much so that it is kept to be registered with Double A.

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