Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 5 of Friday, November 6, 2020 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Louis and Salomé unite, Noémie commits the irreparable.

Here it all begins what awaits you in episode 5
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, November 6 in Here everything begins …


Everyone is looking for Salomé. While Louis thinks the young woman is gone, Claire assures us not and would like to postpone the celebration by an hour. However, Augustus refuses this option because several guests come from far away. At the same time, Enzo informs Maxime that Salomé has disappeared. Back to the wall, the son Delcourt explains having received a farewell letter in which she specifies that she no longer wants to get married. Enzo then insists that he find her and make her change her mind, but Maxime considers that he is not the right person for that. According to Enzo, she will lose everything if she does not return to the Institute and he encourages Maxime to prove to her that he loves her. Not far from there, Louis is furious at having no sign of life from his future wife, but above all to note that she has not told him that she no longer wishes to unite with him. While Claire is sure that she has had a moment of panic, the young man is virulent and swears to let her die alone in his corner if she plants him on the day of the ceremony. Claire demands that he stop speaking this way and then orders her son to go get ready by promising that Salome will be at the altar. During this time, Maxime joins Salomé. Even if he is madly in love with her, son Delcourt begs her to marry Louis and return to the Institute. After Salomé declared that she loved the two men, Maxime said that she had to go to the end of her affair with Louis because fleeing was never a good solution. Convinced that one day they will end up together, he adds that for the moment it is with the Guinot son that she should be. Salomé kisses Maxime one last time then walks towards the Institute.

During the ceremony, Maxime remembers with emotion his story with Salomé while watching the couple say yes in front of the Mayor. Now linked for the rest of their lives, the bride and groom are congratulated by the guests. When Lisandro asks if the next step is to put a baby on the road, Salomé replies that it is not relevant. Afterwards, Maxime comes to clear the table of the spouses and Louis invites him to join them for a toast before asking his wife to make a little speech. Having no choice, Salomé raises her glass to love. Words that seem to be addressed to Maxime whom she looks furtively with a smile on her lips. While the assembly admires the couple to open the ball, Rose tries to find out why Maxime looks so sad. According to him, nothing is going well in his life but Rose is convinced that this school will bring him wonderful things and then offers to dance. Later, Claire thanks Auguste and Rose for having organized such a beautiful wedding for her son. For her part, Clotilde, who has also invested herself in ensuring that everything is perfect, is particularly jealous and reproaches her father for using all the pretexts to include her sister in the Institute. Not supporting her whining, Auguste gets angry and says that she can leave the family business if she is not happy with her decisions. At the end of the day, Rose confides in Antoine that she is very sorry that her sister hates her so much. The principal, who is certain that they will eventually find common ground, advises him to give him some time. Discussing the party, Antoine then indicates that she would be very beautiful dressed all in white. And when Rose questions him to get to the bottom of his thoughts, he displays a small smile while remaining silent.


While bringing the final touch to the mounted piece, Anaïs and Enzo notice that Noémie is absent. As the assistant had to make a bird puffed out of sugar to decorate it, the students are forced to call on Chef Teyssier. Exasperated that his second had failed them, the chef goes to the stove and impresses his students with his technique. At the same time, Noémie fills the bathtub in her apartment before dropping an electric lamp. Noémie lies down dressed in her chef’s outfit and sends a message to Teyssier so that he can come as quickly as possible. The latter, who has other things to do, sends Maxime in his place. At Noémie’s, Maxime opens the bathroom door without realizing that he has just activated a macabre mechanism. As lamps fall into the water, Noémie is instantly electrocuted. Delcourt’s son rushes to get him out of there and then gives him a cardiac massage. Unable to resuscitate her, the young man, who does not have his phone, rushes back to the Institute and explains to Antoine that Noémie is probably dead. The two men then panicked to Noémie’s home but her body has disappeared.