Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 312 of Tuesday, January 11, 2022 …

Here it all begins what awaits you in episode 312

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”. While Maxime gives up the contest, Tom tries to get on with his life. At the same time, Guillaume and Clotilde will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their marriage.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday January 11 in Here everything begins …


In the morning, Maxime confides in Salomé that Michel Sarran is thinking of him to be the chef of his future restaurant in San Francisco on condition that he wins the inter-school competition. As he asks her to keep it to herself, Louis hasn’t lost any of their conversation. Without waiting, he puts Enzo, the chef Cardone and Élodie in the secret. Convinced that chef Sarran will favor Maxime in the trials, the chef, who does not intend to give up, intends to change her method to achieve victory.

Shortly after, at the commissary, the chef Cardone criticized Elodie for not having managed to find an ingredient during the blind test. Faced with the tone used by her teacher, the young woman loses her means and begins to stutter. A reaction that does not please Annabelle at all who does not hesitate to use verbal and physical violence to put pressure on her. When she grabs his arm violently, Élodie recoils and drops some potatoes. With a sadistic smile, the boss then orders him to pick them up before leaving the room.

Maxime, who attended the scene, immediately rejoins his former friend and tries to make him understand that it is not normal for her to be treated in this way. According to her, he is however badly placed to lecture her by being in tandem with Teyssier but the Delcourt son retorts that he does not harass him. As the scene with the boss Cardone was violent, Maxime would like to know if she had already jostled her physically but Elodie refuses to talk about it and then asks her to drop the matter.

Subsequently, Maxime reports what happened to Louis and Enzo. In order to show that he does not endorse this type of behavior, Maxime says he is ready to give up the competition. However, the Armand son does not believe for a second that he is giving up, especially since he is promised a post of chef in San Francisco.

Later, Chef Sarran brings the participants together for the second round of the competition. The remaining pairs will have to make an entry including at least one cooking without heat. In the kitchen, Chef Cardone makes sure that no one looks at her before putting pressure on Élodie in an aggressive manner. Only, Maxime has seen everything and warns Teyssier. Unfortunately, he doesn’t care and asks him to get back to work.

A few moments later, Maxime witnesses a new shocking scene between Annabelle and Élodie. Unable to close his eyes to such behavior, he announces to the assembly that he is stopping the ordeal and then openly accuses Chef Cardonne of harassing Elodie. Faced with the gravity of the situation, the jurors decide to suspend the test.


Antoine goes to the infirmary to hear from Tom who certifies that he is much better. The principal tries to push him to file a complaint but he refuses, stating that he has almost nothing. When Antoine advises him to temporarily stop posting videos, Tom replies that he excludes giving in to panic but especially giving this pleasure to his attacker.

In cooking class, Tom then receives the support of his classmates. In order to thank Ambre for his help, he invites her for a drink after class. The two apprentice chefs therefore meet later on the terrace of a café. Noticing a young man observing them, Tom imagines that it is Kill Tom and is aggressive towards him. After treating him seriously ill, the young man leaves the premises.

To reassure him, Amber says his reaction is normal given the trauma he has suffered. However, Tom doesn’t see it that way and thinks he’s just gotten a little carried away. In reality, he is not doing well at all. Upon returning to his room, he is panicked and checks every corner to make sure that no one is hiding there.


Guillaume has been sleeping on the sofa for a week to take stock of his feelings. Although he is aware of the complexity of the situation, he does not see how to do otherwise. For her part, Clotilde thinks it would do them good to change their mind. As their wedding anniversary is the next day, she reminds him that they had planned to have a big party to celebrate their twenty years together. Unfortunately, Guillaume had forgotten the date and indicates that he really has no head for it at the moment.

Pained, Clotilde then tells her sister how much what is happening with Guillaume makes her suffer. Rose may try to cheer her up, Clotilde is sure she has lost her husband. According to her, he knows very well where he is but does not have the courage to tell her.

Not far from there, Guillaume is overcome by nostalgia and tenderly looks at photos of Jérémy and Clotilde. Even if he understands that the moment is not very favorable, Antoine encourages him in spite of everything to put the tensions aside to celebrate his twenty years of marriage with Clotilde. If Guillaume fears that she will make up her mind by organizing a one-to-one dinner, Antoine is on the contrary convinced that she will know how to sort things out.

Later, Guillaume tells Laetitia that he intends to celebrate his wedding anniversary. He then specifies that he cares a lot for her but that he cannot ignore this important date. However, Kelly’s mother is fed up with her indecision and regrets being once again faced with a fait accompli. Angry, she asks him to let it go before leaving the premises furious.

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