Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 302 of Wednesday, December 29, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 302 of wednesday, december 29, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Louis tries to take Teyssier to his own game, Souleymane accepts the choice of Deva. Célia takes a radical decision.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, December 28 in Here everything begins …


Determined to take Clotilde’s place in the competition for the best cooking school in France, Louis fully intends to trap Teyssier by having Naia Monfrai, the food journalist taste his dish. If the latter praises him in her article, he will have no choice but to accept that he represents the institute. As he gets ready to go shopping, Claire and Olivia come home. And although it has been several weeks since he saw his mother, son Armand, who does not have time to have coffee with her, asks her not to hang out at the apartment because he has a lot things to do.

A disappointment for the chef Guinot who hoped to receive another welcome from her son. According to Olivia, the young man is very happy to find her, but she tells him, however, that her return is a double-edged sword for him. Indeed, Claire intends to recover her teaching post, which means that Louis will be unemployed.

Meanwhile, Naia arrives at the institute and struggles to hide her surprise when she finds out that Clotilde and Maxime have been chosen to compete in the best cooking school in France. Indeed, the chef Armand missed the competition two years ago and Maxime is only a second year student. As Teyssier claims to have made the best choice to win the competition, Naia retorts that she hopes so because she came here to find out if the institute is still able to train the elite of gastronomy despite the death of Auguste Armand. . To prove it to her, Clotilde offers her to taste a dish that she prepared with Maxime.

For his part, Enzo struggles to hide his jealousy towards Maxime and would have preferred if he refused the principal’s proposal to give the other students a chance. Anaïs then advises him to stop playing the victim and to move around and do something with his life. Unfortunately, Enzo does not take offense and hastens to question Teyssier to understand why his comrade was chosen. Insofar as he is certain to have acquired much more solid knowledge than Maxime, Emmanuel points out to him that this is not the case, taking as proof the bad appreciations of his school reports. And the director does not go with the back of the spoon since he adds that if he wants to have his diploma, he will have to activate his few neurons.

Later, Charlene tries to convince Naia to taste the last creation of the son Armand but without success. Claire, who overheard them discussing, offers to help them and decides to taste her son’s dish. Impressed, she is full of praise for Louis’ creation and says she is very proud of him.

Knowing the journalist very well, Claire manages to get her to agree to taste her son’s dish. Judging the recipe well above that proposed by Maxime and Clotilde, Naia finds it difficult to understand why Teyssier did not choose her to represent the institute. Louis launches while he is simply afraid that it will overshadow him then specifies that this is not the first time that he has put him in the wheel. As she shows interest, Louis agrees to tell her more on condition that she does a faithful article. The young man then launches that since the death of his father, Emmanuel is doing everything to oust him.


At breakfast, Souleymane reports to Rose that Deva’s parents are going to force her to marry in India. Believing that this process is despicable, he is determined to help her and Rose therefore suggests that she go see Clotilde. Indeed, according to her, she knows Deva well and will know what to do.

Aware of the situation, Clotilde tries to make them understand that no one is pressuring her to get married. And to add that his protege does not consider that it is necessary to be in love to get married. Although this is surprising, Chef Armand explains that in most Indian families, commitment is more important than love and that marriage is seen as a kind of partnership. If the feelings don’t come, the couple builds on other things like common values. After she assures us that Deva doesn’t need help, Clotilde advises Souleymane to respect her choice.

Subsequently, Souleymane finds Deva and apologizes to her. It may be difficult for him to understand his choice to marry without love, he respects him in spite of everything. Wishing they would remain friends, Deva decides to continue helping her prepare for the institute’s entrance exam provided there is no ambiguity.

Despite everything, Souleymane remains hopeful. With Deva’s wedding due in three years, he hopes she will eventually change her mind by then.


At the institute, Stella wonders why Celia does not respond to his messages and the latter ends up confessing to him that she is aware that she has someone in her life. Without going into details, the young woman confirms having had a story that got her nowhere. However, the Gaissac girl, who dreams of a simple story without drama, prefers to stop there. She then goes to Antoine’s office to bring her internship date forward as soon as possible. The principal then offers her a one-month mission in Lille for which she will have to leave the next day.

For her part, Stella is upset and opens up to Solal about her story with Gaëtan. Celia being a whole woman, he urges her to be honest with her. Stella therefore gives him a date and then talks to him about her relationship with the son Rivière before admitting that she is still in love with him. However, she claims that she thinks about him a lot less now than she is in her life. Unfortunately, Celia knows all too well what it is to start a relationship only to forget about another. Refusing to embark on a complicated story, she prefers not to go further.

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