Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 300 of Monday, December 27, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Louis tries to convince Teyssier to present him to the competition for the best school, the pupils take a grudge against Maxime. For her part, Deva reveals her secret to Souleymane.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins, broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, December 27 in Here everything begins …

Louis wants to take the competition for the best cooking school

After successfully reproducing one of Augustus’ secret recipes to perfection, Louis announces to Charlene that he intends to apply for the competition for the best school, which is due to take place at the institute this year. . Being in charge of replacing Claire in her absence, he would apply as a teacher with a student in pairs.

The same morning, Teyssier announces to the students the pair that has been chosen for the competition, during which a famous food critic will come to the institute to assess the tests: Clotilde Armand for the teachers and Maxime Delcourt for the students.

Annoyed, Enzo confides in Anaïs that he would have liked to have the chance to be able to take the competition, and feels taken aback by the decision of Teyssier who once again favors Maxime after having chosen him to lead the menu brigade of Christmas. Lionel and he how then to suspect the major of promotion of favoritism and show themselves hostile towards him.

For his part, Louis is not unanimous in the kitchen with the team members. Theo does not support his reducing his authority to the mere fact of being Augustus’ son, and reminds him that he is only temporarily a teacher until his mother returns.

Louis then meets with Teyssier to give him a taste of Auguste’s grilled scallops, which he passes off as a personal creation. He then asks her to consider him instead of Clotilde for the competition pair if he finds his dish successful. Visibly impressed during the tasting, Teyssier does not lose space and describes his dish as a failure. But Louis managed to sow doubt in his mind …

Deva reveals her secret to Souleymane

While Deva prepares the arrangement of utensils for Clotilde’s class, Souleymane comes to greet her and ask her if she is still okay with helping her practice in the kitchen in the afternoon. Deva is embarrassed but accepts anyway.

Having overheard their conversation, Clotilde reminds Souleymane that the kitchens are reserved for the students. After class, she joins Deva and asks her if all is well with Myriel’s son. Deva explains to him that she is helping Souleymane to help him prepare for the institute’s competition.

Sensing that the young girl is not at ease, Clotilde encourages her to talk to her if it requires too much work; but Deva explains to him that it is not about that. Understanding despite everything that she owes the truth to Souleymane, she admits to him feeling something for him but that their relationship is impossible, because she is already engaged to a man in India, whom she is to marry after her studies.

In shock, Souleymane asks her if she is in love. Deva explains that the two have known each other since childhood and that their parents are friends. While it is a forced marriage, Souleymane loses his temper and tells her that she should not marry someone she does not like to please her parents. Wounded, Deva accuses him of mixing everything up and leaves him in the kitchen …

Eliott asks his father for help

Upon awakening, Greg discovers the apartment’s kitchen totally flooded. The kitchen sink leaks, forcing Eliott to shut off the water to avoid further damage. Being unable to do the repairs themselves, Jasmine suggests calling a plumber, but all the workers are in high demand this holiday season and none are available until January 4th.

Jasmine then suggests that Eliott ask her father, who is a plumber, to come and help them out urgently. At first reluctant because they have just found each other, Eliott ends up accepting because they cannot go several days without running water with a baby in the roommate.

Her father is delighted to be able to help them and finds the root of the problem in no time. Impressed by the family formed by Eliott, Greg and Jasmine who are active around Naël, he congratulates them in an awkward way by telling them that they almost look like a real family. With these words, Eliott gets carried away and is dry towards him, asking him if for him a real family means a father and a mother who put their child out on Christmas Eve.

Crestfallen, his father finds him a little later to apologize. In fact, he confides being very impressed by him, to see him take care of a baby of which he is not the father with so much implication, but not having been able to find the right words at the time. Eliott is touched to see the efforts made by his father.

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