Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 299 of Friday, December 24, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 299 of friday, december 24, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While the brigade of Maxime and Salomé scrambles to save the institute’s Christmas meal, Louis has an idea by discovering a recipe book that belonged to Auguste Armand.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, December 24 in Here everything begins …

Eliott saves Christmas night

In the early morning, Maxime and Teyssier discover the extent of the damage after the power failure of the cold room during the night. All their preparations the day before for starters, logs, but also langoustines and fish for the main course as well as products for the vegan menu are good for the trash.

Teyssier sets off a crisis meeting in the kitchen, and asks Maxime and Salomé to find a plan B as soon as possible because time is running out: the menus must be completely redone for the parents’ dinner at Double A the same evening. .

Teyssier asks that urgent food orders be made, unfortunately, the institute’s suppliers are saturated with requests on December 24, and they have to put an end to the langoustines. Salomé then suggests replacing them with mackerel, since this product is not in great demand for the holidays.

The whole team then works hard until the evening, while Antoine and Rose welcome the parents of the students to the restaurant. The Delobels, the Rigauts, Madame Mabsoute, Alex Bertrand … all came to savor the Christmas menu prepared by their children.

Unfortunately, in the kitchen, the dishes are far from ready, and the clock is ticking. While the parents start to get impatient, Lisandro can no longer find something to occupy them after offering them an aperitif. Eliott then has an idea …

Leading the guests into the park of the institute, Teyssier and Lisandro present them with a performance of circus artists organized at the last minute with the complicity of Yann and Aurélien. Blown away, the customers warmly applaud the artists, and Teyssier concludes this artistic interlude with a speech of thanks for the students of the brigade who went out of their way to prepare them a dream meal in particularly difficult conditions.

While the last desserts are sent by the students at the end of their strength in the kitchen, Julia informs Eliott that her father is waiting for her in front of the restaurant, wishing to redeem himself following the fiasco of their meeting the day before. On his guard, Eliott accepts. His father finally manages to apologize to him, confessing to him that he regretted having kicked him out of their home the second he did, but that he was too ashamed afterwards to beg his forgiveness. .

If he recognized that he had felt lost in front of his son before, he said he was now ready to accept him as he was, and to do everything to be forgiven. Eliott tells him that he will never stop wearing makeup and loving boys, and asks his father to finally look him in the eye to prove his good faith. When his father does so by telling him that he has the same eyes as him, Eliott hugs him and can’t hold back his tears.

Clotilde sees Joachim again

While greeting the guests at the reception of Double A, Clotilde sees Joachim, not without emotion. Marta’s brother greets her discreetly, and takes advantage of a moment when she is alone to come and talk to her. When he asks her why she no longer responds to his messages, Clotilde replies that she thought she was clear in telling him that they should no longer see each other.

Joachim, for his part, just wanted to hear from her and know how she was doing. Seeing Guillaume observing their conversation, Clotilde declares to him with a smile that she is delighted to see him again.

During dinner, Guillaume, stung to the quick, keeps glancing sidelong at Laetitia seated a little further away. Furious, Clotilde encourages him to join her since he seems to be so bored with her. As Rose asks her to calm down, her sister retorts aloud that these are things that happen when a husband cheats on you, which throws a chill in the audience …

Louis steals Augustus’ recipes

After their argument the day before, Charlene goes to Louis to be reconciled. Conscious of her sadness, she tries to change his mind by offering him to come and dine with his family in the evening during the institute’s Christmas meal. Louis accepts in good faith.

Once Charlene left, his attention shifted to the recipe book he discovered in Augustus’ belongings sent by his mother from Tokyo. Going through the pages, he begins to cook, absorbed by his father’s notes to the point of forgetting to go to the institute’s dinner.

Worried, Charlene comes to see him and asks him what is happening to him because he has not answered any of his texts. Louis apologizes, claiming to have wanted to cook to occupy the mind. He then makes him taste the dish he was working on: revisited scallops. Charlène finds the recipe delicious, a level much higher than the Christmas dish served at Double A.

When she asks if the recipe is his, Louis looks at his father’s notebook and nods, saying he’s been working on new ideas for several weeks …

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