Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 298 of Thursday, December 23, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Eliott finds himself facing his father at the restaurant, Louis makes a discovery in Augustus’ business. Meanwhile, a drama awaits the students of the brigade for the Christmas menu …

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday December 22 in Here everything begins …

Eliott confronts his father

Despite Eliott’s categorical refusal to see her father again, Julia failed to convince her ex-husband not to attend the institute. He insists they go to lunch together during Eliott’s service, as he wants to make things up with his son.

Seeing them come to the double A reception desk, Eliott panics and refuses to serve in the dining room. Hortense replaces him at short notice, but his father insists on speaking to Eliott in order to calm the situation. The young girl leads him in front of Eliott, and her father asks her how he is.

Furious, Eliott points out that he has never heard from him in five years, and that he is ashamed of having a gay son. Unable to look him in the eye, his father leaves the scene. Wounded, Eliott confesses to Greg and Hortense that despite everything, he is happy to have confronted him and to have overcome his fear of seeing him again.

Louis makes a discovery in the affairs of Augustus

Always traveling to Japan during the holidays, Claire had Louis delivered a trunk containing things that belonged to Auguste in the Double A restaurant he had opened in Tokyo. While rummaging through the trunk with Charlene, Louis discovers with emotion the MOF apron that belonged to his father, as well as his first chef’s star.

But while browsing a pile of family photos, Louis is hurt when he realizes that no photo of him as a child is there. In anger, he sends Rose and Clotilde who come to offer him to accompany them to the cemetery to lay flowers on Augustus’ tomb, and decides to burn the belongings that belonged to him. Charlene tries to dissuade him, but Louis orders her to go away and insults her.

Outraged, Charlene leaves, slamming the door. As Louis prepares to throw what remains of the contents of the trunk into the fire, he gets his hands on a notebook and sketches of Augustus which attracts his attention …

Celia discovers that Stella is in a relationship

During the yoga session organized by Stella in the park of the institute, Célia looks at her with attraction. The young teacher then whispered in her ear that she really wanted to see her again, and offered to meet her that same evening. Célia accepts with joy; but as she gets up to put her things away, she sees a notification on Stella’s phone: a text from a certain “G” recorded with a heart telling her that she misses her.

She goes to Teyssier’s office to ask his permission to start her internship earlier and not to wait until January, claiming that she needs a change of environment after the assault she suffered from. from Chief Simony. But the director rejects her request, which he considers a whim, and threatens to send her to Australia to join her brother if she continues.

Annoyed, she then confides in Amber and Solal, confessing to them her disappointment that Stella lied to her by telling her that she had no one in her life. If Amber encourages him to ask him for explanations and does not question the sincerity of the young woman, Solal is more reserved, and implies that Stella surely sees someone without telling him. When the girls ask him if he knows who this mysterious “G” is, the boy kicks in, embarrassed.

Kitchen drama for the Christmas squad

The preparations for the Christmas menu now complete, Maxime and Salomé warmly congratulate their brigade for the work accomplished. All they have to do now is put all the preparations in the cold room and take them out the next day, which saves them considerable time in preparing the Christmas menu.

But as all gather in the institute’s foyer for a well-deserved Christmas aperitif and open their “Secret Santa” gifts, the thermostat in the cold room goes out of order and increases for no reason. The security system is triggered, cutting off the power to the refrigerators …

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