Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 297 of Tuesday, December 21, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Eliott agrees to try to reconnect with his mother, Deva pushes Souleymane away. At the same time, Kelly finds an amazing idea for the vegan Christmas dish.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, December 21 in Here everything begins …

Julia Prevost apologizes to Eliott

So Greg accuses Eliott of having attacked his mother, the latter arrives against all expectations at the institute and apologizes to Eliott for his reaction. She didn’t expect to see him. She admits that Eliott was right to come and asks him to listen to what she has to say. She owes him explanations.

Julia Prevost confesses to her son that she followed him on social networks. At first she worried that she would not hear from him, but then she saw that he had taken refuge in a circus and was surrounded by good people. And then the day came when he was accepted to the institute. Julia was so proud. But Eliott reproaches him for not having contacted him. He has the feeling of remaining whatever happens the shameful son who is left behind. Julia assures him that she doesn’t think like that anymore, that she has changed, but Eliott doesn’t want to hear anything.

Later, not far from the institute, Yann and Aurélien are victims of a homophobic attack after having exchanged a kiss in the middle of the street. Yann is hit in the face, but Julia, who attended the scene, happily intervenes and scares the two young people who attacked Eliott’s adoptive fathers. It then to Yann and Aurélien to file a complaint, but the two men are convinced that it will be useless. When Julia hands them her business card, they finally understand that they are facing Eliott’s mother. Julia confides to them that she knows what they have done for her son, but their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Constance Teyssier.

While Constance is treating Yann’s brow bone injury, Eliott comes to the infirmary to check on him. Yann and Aurélien explain to her that they met Julia and that she insisted that they file a complaint. According to them, she seemed touched by the situation. They also think that Julia has changed. But for Eliott, that doesn’t erase what happened. Yann and Aurélien, who do not understand why he refuses to give his mother a chance, hand him Julia’s business card.

At the end of the day, Eliott finds his mother for a coffee. Julia explains to him that she did not know how to behave when she saw him put on make-up or take his things when he was a teenager. She just understood that her son was different. And she was afraid for him, afraid of being hurt because of his difference. But Eliott points out to him that it was she who ultimately hurt him, by letting his father kick him out on Christmas Eve.

Julia Prevost assures her son that she blamed herself every day and that she never managed to forgive Eliott’s father. Moved, she asks Eliott if he would agree to try to reconnect and find himself. Eliott accepts. But will he really be able to wipe out the past?

Deva pushes Souleymane away

In the park, Souleymane comes to see Deva and confesses to her that he hasn’t stopped thinking about what happened between them the day before. But Deva is distant and says in a hurry. She’s on duty at Double A and claims she doesn’t have time to talk.

After the service, Souleymane joins Deva at Double A and offers to help her tidy up. Deva, exasperated, makes him understand that he cannot come to the restaurant while she is working, then adds that they are not together and that their kiss the day before was a mistake. For Deva, it’s the education that matters. She therefore launches to Souleymane that a story between them is not possible.

When Jasmine tries to find out why Deva is so bad after kissing Souleymane, Deva refuses to open up and asks her friend not to talk to her about all this again.

Lionel is still on the wrong track with his vegan dish

Lionel gives Olivia and her team a taste of his squash velouté recipe with faux gras and chestnuts. The taste and texture are there, but Olivia and Kelly remind him that the goal was not to copy a traditional recipe and turn it into a vegan dish. They need something new. Kelly then suggests creating their own tastes, which leaves Lionel perplexed.

In the park, Kelly has an idea: she points out to Lionel and Anaïs that everyone has a Christmas tree in their living room during the holidays. And say to himself that there is necessarily a way to get something to eat from the smell of the fir tree. For Kelly, the solution would therefore be to distill fir branches to extract the scent. But Lionel seems to find this idea completely null, which does not fail to upset Kelly who thinks that her boyfriend is angry with her for not having defended his dish in front of the chef Listrac.

After having succeeded in extracting the essential oil from the fir tree, Kelly places a few drops on the squash. And the smell instantly reminds him and Anaïs of Christmas mornings. However, even if the mix is ​​successful, Anaïs thinks something is missing. Kelly then has the idea of ​​adding miso.

Later, Kelly presents Chef Listrac with her dish, which consists of roasted butternut with maple syrup gravy sauce and fir snow. Olivia is captivated. She congratulates Kelly and Anaïs and advises them to continue this momentum. Lionel, who is always a little the head, ends up tasting Kelly’s dish and admitting that she really did ensure. He even apologizes to his girlfriend.

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