Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 294 of Thursday, December 16, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Teyssier gives a second chance to Maxime’s brigade, Anaïs makes an announcement to Esteban. At the same time, Célia and Stella get to know each other.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, December 16 in Here everything begins …


Following their failure, the director of the institute decided to withdraw the preparation of the Christmas menu. Refusing to give up, Maxime summons his brigade, determined to find the recipe that had seduced their teacher. Without waiting, the students get in the kitchen with motivation, taking it step by step.

For his part, Eliott arrives in Teyssier’s office to plead the cause of his comrades. Aware that he has not insured lately, he declares that the brigade does not deserve to be punished by his fault. While Eliott is ready to face the consequences of his actions, Emmanuel replies that he doesn’t need to punish him because he already does it very well on his own. And to specify that on New Year’s Eve, he will not deprive himself to humiliate his students by reminding everyone of their failure.

Back at double A, Eliott apologizes to Mehdi for hurting him. Unfortunately, this one does not want to hear anything. Angry, he blames her for spoiling the work of all his friends. Words that deeply hurt Eliott who has a panic attack. Insofar as he cannot breathe, Hortense takes matters into his own hands and accompanies him to the infirmary.

Shortly after, Greg joined him there. Even if the crisis is over, Constance indicates that it would be necessary to find the origin of the crisis so that it does not happen again. While Greg realizes that his boyfriend is not getting better despite what he claims, Eliott admits that he still has nightmares about the trauma he experienced. When Greg suggests that they go on vacation to Japan since we don’t celebrate Christmas there, Eliott retorts that his attention is kind but that won’t solve his problem.

For his part, Maxime has a revelation by tasting the dish Tom who confused salt and sugar in his recipe. He then wonders if Eliott would not have confused the powder of porcini mushrooms with the cocoa in his preparation. After Maxime told the director of his discovery, the latter informed him that he was aware but that he was trying to test it.

When Maxime then asks for a second chance, Emmanuel accepts. However, he intends to spice things up and waits for the dish to be an explosion of flavors that approaches the divine.


Gaëlle going on vacation for a few days and Esteban’s grandmother having fallen ill, Lisandro has to take care of her son until the holidays. As Anaïs cannot help him because of his work, the classroom teacher is forced to take the little boy with him during the service.

Unfortunately, Esteban makes the head when arriving at the institute. Indeed, he is not happy to be there because he had to visit a caravel with his grandparents for the holidays. Anaïs may try to convince him that the institute is even better than a pirate ship, Esteban remains in a very bad mood.

To make him smile again, she then has the idea of ​​making him believe that she has found a treasure map. The next moment, Esteban has regained all his energy and goes in search of the loot. After having solved all the puzzles, he discovers a case full of chocolates. Only, he is far from being fooled and understands very well that Anaïs was hiding behind this hunt. When Esteban declares that he regrets that she does not live with her father, Anaïs replies that it would be much better if they all lived together and then announces that she is moving in with them. Happy, he takes her in his arms.


Following Ludivine’s departure, Stella and Solal are struggling to manage the Table des Rivière, which is crumbling under orders. By disembarking for a coffee, Célia immediately offers to help them with the deliveries.

Later, Célia and Stella meet in the streets of Calvières. While they are chatting, a young man steals Stella’s phone and then flees. The two young women then go in pursuit and manage to recover the phone.

Back at the institute, Stella tells Celia that she was afraid of losing the many nudes that she stores on her phone. Curious, the Gaissac girl asks to see the pictures. Subjugated by the beauty of the photos, she comes to regret not knowing how to do it. And when Stella offers to photograph her, Célia accepts.

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