Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 292 of Tuesday, December 14, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Eliott confides in his past, Guillaume confesses his infidelity to Clotilde. At the same time, Teyssier puts pressure on Lionel’s brigade.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, December 14 in Here everything begins …


Following Eliott’s revelations, Greg spent the night at the circus with him. After apologizing for his behavior the day before, the son Delobel indicates that he is terribly angry with himself for having believed that he was cheating on him and for having almost attacked his adoptive father. When Greg clarifies that he did not know he was adopted, Eliott replies that he is not. Although there has never been anything official, Eliott nevertheless considers Yann and Aurélien to be his real family. Indeed, it is thanks to them that he ended up accepting himself and that he passed the competitive examination of the institute. As Greg begs him to come back to school, Eliott lets him know that he doesn’t feel ready yet because a lot of things are on his mind at the moment.

Meanwhile, the brigade has prepared a little surprise for Salomé’s birthday. As she prepares to blow out the candles, Teyssier arrives in the kitchen to end the festivities. As he wishes to obtain an explanation of Eliott’s absence, Maxime and Salomé reveal that their friend left the institute because he needed a break. Unfortunately, the manager doesn’t care and puts pressure on them to have the Christmas menu ready the next day. If they fail, their teachers will take care of the map for them. In addition, Teyssier states that he also intends to nominate Maxime for the competition for the best cooking school in France. In the absence of something convincing, Emmanuel will however present another student.

Insofar as they lack Eliott’s dish to complete the Christmas menu, Greg warns Yann and Aurélien. No matter how hard they push him to go back to school, Eliott can’t. While Yann tries to understand why he is doing so badly this year, Eliott replies that when Jasmine kicked him out it brought up a lot of memories. Aurélien tries to urge him to talk about it with Greg but Eliott refuses to rehash the past because all he needs is to forget.

Worried about him, Aurélien joins Greg at the institute and reveals to him the traumatic event that Eliott experienced with his parents on Christmas Eve. Immediately after, Greg arrives at the circus and pushes the man he loves to talk to him in order to free himself from the weight he has been carrying for so long.

Five years ago, Eliott decided to come to terms with himself and no longer hide who he was. So he put on makeup for Christmas Eve that he spent with all his family. Arriving in the living room, there was a long silence. Then his father yelled at him telling him that he was no longer his son before throwing him out. Despite his desperate attempts to get home, no one has moved a finger. While throwing a business bag at him, his father then demanded that he leave the scene immediately. Eliott then spent the night outside before being picked up by Social Samu. After several months in hostels, he was taken in by Aurélien and Yann who helped him to rebuild himself.

Very moved, Eliott confides in Greg the loneliness he feels every year at this time of the year. With tears in his eyes, Greg says he is no longer alone and swears he will never let go.


For the end of the year celebrations, Clotilde would like to go to Brazil for a week with her husband. While she already imagines her feet in the water, Guillaume cracks and says that he is having an affair with Laetitia. If at first she finds it hard to believe it, Clotilde then tries to find out if he takes revenge for his affair with Joachim. Guillaume says no, then specifies that it is not just a one-night stand. Stunned by the news, Clotilde leaves the premises angry.

Right after, she finds her husband’s mistress to have a discussion with her. Once she asks him for forgiveness, Laetitia adds that she doesn’t want any problems with her. Only, Clotilde believes that she should have thought about it before playing tease. Refusing to receive a lesson from a woman who has already cheated on her husband, Laetitia declares that what she experiences with Guillaume is stronger than what she thinks. Annoyed, the head Armand nevertheless advises him to be very careful, indicating that she is not irreplaceable at the institute.


Teyssier has finally agreed to integrate a vegan menu into the double A Christmas menu and Lionel’s team agrees to develop festive dishes with rare products that customers are not used to eating. . They therefore offer stuffed mushrooms on a black garlic caviar as well as a crusted meatloaf accompanied by baked potatoes.

Emmanuel may have given his approval for a vegan menu, he does not intend to make their lives easy since he asked Louis for help for the tasting. While the latter jumps on any pretext to criticize the dishes presented, Emmanuel recognizes that it lacks finesse but nevertheless judges that the flavors are reassuring. According to him, we are in the spirit of a Christmas menu even if there are a few things to improve and he therefore congratulates his students.

Later, Emmanuel joined the kitchen brigade and explained that he had validated their menu only to calm Louis who was freewheeling. Also, he wants them to surpass the Christmas classics by making a menu that will become the new tradition in the years to come.

Back home, the chef Listrac does not hesitate to share her discontent with Louis and even comes to wonder how Auguste could have fathered such a stuck, classic and featureless son. Unsurprisingly, Louis is once again obnoxious to his stepmother. Far from letting herself be taken down, Olivia said she was in a hurry for her companion to come home to put him at the door.

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