Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 291 of Monday, December 13, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Greg discovers the truth about Aurélien, a new brigade is born at the institute. Rose covers Souleymane.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, December 13 in Here everything begins …


Greg hasn’t heard from Eliott over the weekend. Annoyed, he imagines that he must be too busy with his new boyfriend. Although Eliott walks out his eyes, Jasmine is still certain that he is crazy about him. Only, Greg is in full doubt and throws the blame on her because of the many arguments she had with Eliott.

For his part, Eliott is in the throes of a new nightmare in which he bangs on the door of his parents’ house begging them to at least let him collect his things. Outside it is pitch black and only the Christmas decorations light up the darkness. Eliott is meanwhile in a T-shirt and seems cold. Furious, his father opens the door and throws a bag in his face before ordering him to leave the scene immediately. After taking a few steps, Eliott breaks down in tears in the street.

When he wakes up, he joins Aurélien for breakfast. His nightmares are more and more frequent, Eliott begins to be afraid of sleeping. As he has the impression of going crazy, Aurélien asks him to breathe calmly to release his stress, then also advises him to resume dancing. Following this, Aurélien tells him that he loves her and that he will always be there for him.

Meanwhile, Teyssier visits Brigade Maxime. While asked about the absence of Eliott, continues Delcourt son covering his friend into believing that it is still sick. The situation has become complicated, Greg finally confessed to Maxime qu’Eliott left the institute. To prevent all the brigade draws ire director Greg therefore accepts to learn to find Eliott.

Not far from there, Eliott releases his emotions by dancing. At the end of his performance, and Aurélien Yann applaud. Although he dance in the blood, the Aurelian however encouraged to resume his studies at the institute. The latter then replies that he does not intend to let go and he just needs to take a break for now.

At the institute, Greg, Hortense and Célia are looking for a clue that could allow them to know where Eliott is hiding. Shortly after, they end up finding a flyers from the Ecocirque on which is written “so anxious to find you” accompanied by a heart.

Immediately, Greg and Hortense spin on the spot and see Eliott and Aurélien hug each other. The drop too much for Greg who imagines that they are in a relationship. Furious, he confronts Eliott and asks him to give him an explanation. When Aurélien tries to intervene, Greg loses his temper and is about to come to blows. Eliott then tells her that it is not her boyfriend but her adoptive father.


As they no longer support the traditional Christmas meal, Olivia and Lionel wish to offer a vegan alternative for the holiday menu. While waiting for Teyssier’s agreement, the chef Listrac therefore asks Lionel to set up his brigade.

Shortly after, he announces the good news to his comrades and Kelly and Anaïs agree to join him. Without waiting, they then put themselves in the kitchen. In order to avoid copying what already exists, Olivia encourages her students to create their own recipes. Indeed, the chef would like them to try something new while keeping the Christmas spirit.

For his part, Louis, who has learned that his comrades are embarking on a vegan end-of-year menu, tries to convince Emmanuel not to put it on the menu. However, he has changed his mind and believes that traditions are changing. Convinced that vegan food is the future, he refuses to ignore it.


In the morning, Souleymane cooks sorrentine gnocchi, a recipe that her father particularly appreciates. However, the young man did not follow the instructions to the letter. While Rose offers to help him start over from the beginning, he prefers to go for a walk to the institute in the hope of meeting Deva. Rose therefore makes him promise to be back in an hour.

In the park, Souleymane ends up stumbling upon Deva who is reading an article on cooking techniques in a salt crust. In order to strike up a conversation, he claims to be an avid cook. Only time passes and Souleymane forget his rendezvous with Rose. When Antoine comes, Pink covers indicating that his son had something to do with Maxime. When Antoine asks if he has made progress in cooking, Rose assures that it is surprising and could well be impressed.

Subsequently, Rose, who had had enough of waiting for him, joined Souleymane in the park. If the latter has stars in his eyes, Rose tells him that he risks returning very quickly to Montpellier if he does not get back to work. And to make him responsible, she decides to let him fend for himself in the kitchen.

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