Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 290 of Friday, December 10, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 290 of friday, december 10, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Eliott leaves the institute, Ludivine takes a radical decision. Rose comes to Souleymane’s aid.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday December 10 in Here everything begins …


While everyone is busy behind the stove, Maxime notices that Eliott is absent subscribers. When Teyssier and Clotilde arrive unexpectedly, the son Delcourt therefore claims that his comrade returned home because he was not feeling well. Annoyed, the director of the institute reminds him that he is the head of the brigade and asks him to take his team back in hand.

Meanwhile, Eliott and Aurélien spent the evening together. When the latter offers to take him back to the institute, Eliott replies that he does not feel like going back at all. Under pressure, he knows full well that he is doing anything right now and that is why he prefers to distance himself for a while. If he agrees to take him with him, Aurélien would however like him to tell Greg about him. However, Eliott doesn’t have the strength to be honest.

Subsequently, he goes to the institute to collect some things. When he crosses paths with Greg, he announces that he is leaving the establishment for a few days. While the latter would like to understand what is going on, Eliott replies that he cannot tell him anything but that it is better for everyone as well. In order to prevent him from coming to look for him, Eliott refuses to tell him where he is going. Deeply hurt, Greg asks him to leave.

For her part, Clotilde does not understand why her colleague persists in wanting to keep Eliott in the brigade. Teyssier then specifies that he wants to voluntarily put Maxime and Salomé in difficulty in order to teach them how to become real leaders and to gain respect. If the head Armand fears that he will endanger the Christmas of the institute, Emmanuel has confidence in his students.

Not far from there, Célia confides in Hortense that she saw Eliott with a man other than Greg. Immediately after, the two young women are interrupted by the son Delobel who informs them of Eliott’s departure. Immediately, Hortense therefore took him into his confidence. If Greg finds it hard to believe that the man he loves could have cheated on him, Celia claims to have seen them together the day before and adds that Eliott did not come home all night. With tears in his eyes, Greg regrets worrying about him when he went to look elsewhere.

At the same time, Aurélien and Eliott arrive in a circus which settled in the region until the beginning of January. And it is with happiness that Eliott throws himself in the arms of a certain Yann whom he is happy to find.


In the salt marshes, Ludivine tells Stella how much she regrets having taken over the Table des Rivière, especially since her sister is having fun in Bordeaux to invent new dishes. For her part, she says she is stuck there managing the accounts instead of spending time behind the stove.

Later, Solal offers a free meal to one of their client because the delivery of his dish was more than an hour late. Furious, Ludivine reminds him that their goal is to make money and that he can’t do that without telling her about it.

Subsequently, Ludivine confides in Solal that she can no longer manage the Click & Collect. Insofar as she returned to the salt marshes to be closer to her brother, she questions herself and regrets that she no longer has enough time to cook. Also, the young woman made the decision to close the Click & Collect until Noémie returned.

At the end of the day, Ludivine announces to Stella and Solal that she is leaving that same evening for Bordeaux in order to rejoin Chef Reno’s brigade. While waiting for Noémie’s return, Stella and Solal therefore offer to take care of the Table des Rivière. Ludivine accepts but prefers however to see it with Noémie before making a decision.


Far from being naive, Rose understood that Souleymane was not really interested in cooking. Since she pushes him to confide in him, the young man explains that he fell in love with Deva and that is why he wants to stay at the institute.

Rose then decides to give her a little help by offering her companion to seek Deva’s help to teach Souleymane the basics of cooking. Unfortunately, Antoine believes that his son must learn to fend for himself.

Later, Rose hands a cookbook to Souleymane so that he manages to pull out an edible dish within a week. Together, they are busy in the kitchen to prepare a risotto with ham and truffles. When his father comes home, Souleymane hastens to give him a taste of his preparation. He may have put his heart into the work, it is far from won and Antoine chooses instead to order pizzas for dinner.

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