Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 289 of Thursday, December 9, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Eliott is more and more isolated, Antoine challenges Souleymane. At the same time, Landiras and Teyssier come back to their duel.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, December 9 in Here everything begins …


Eliott found refuge with the Gaissacs. In the morning, he is plagued by a new nightmare in which he begs his parents in tears to open the door to their home. Outside, it is dark and only the Christmas decorations light up the darkness. Through the window, a man looks at him before closing the curtain as if nothing had happened. When Celia knocks on her bedroom door, Eliott wakes up with tears in his eyes.

After he claims to have had a good night’s sleep, he tells Celia that he hasn’t heard from Mehdi and Hortense. As long as he apologized, the young man does not understand why his friends are so angry with him. In all sincerity, Célia therefore makes him understand that at the moment it is not easy to manage and then pushes him to confide. In vain. Before leaving, the Gaissac girl emphasizes that if he continues to act in this way, he will end up alone. Shortly after, Eliott tries to reach a certain Aurélien. Since he doesn’t respond, he sends her a message to let her know that he needs to see him quickly.

Later, Maxime approaches Eliott in the locker room to discuss the Christmas menu. While the latter wants to postpone this discussion, the Delcourt son reminds him that he needs his help and then seeks to know if some of their comrades are right in thinking that he is on purpose to crash the brigade. He may hate Christmas, but Eliott says firmly that he gives his all. For their part, Hortense and Medhi arrive in their turn in the room. When Eliott tries to apologize to him, Mehdi informs him that he won’t be able to make his Yule Log because of him. Indeed, he has a sprained fingers which earned him a total immobilization of fifteen days.

Subsequently, Eliott takes advantage of meeting Hortense in the park to ask her forgiveness. Unfortunately, she resents him terribly. According to her, a friend should say things when things are going badly instead of keeping everything to themselves to the point of becoming unfair. Before leaving, Hortense says that she doesn’t want a friend like him. And to clarify that until then, she believed he was a beautiful person. While Eliott says she is certain that they will eventually overcome this dispute, Hortense retorts that she never wants to see him again.

Not far from there, Teyssier summoned Maxime to understand what happened to Mehdi’s hand. To cover Eliott, he claims that his comrade closed the door to the cold room on his hand. During the discussion, Maxime tells him that Eliott no longer remembers his recipe. Wishing absolutely that the dish of his pupil appears on the Christmas card, the director of the institute summons Maxime to make the best of his brigade to bring out the most successful festive meal that the establishment has known.

After joining Eliott to clear things up, Maxime makes him understand firmly that they are going to have to find a solution to work more effectively together. While he replies that he is ready to make more efforts for the brigade, Eliott receives a message from Aurélien who is waiting for him in front of the institute.

Without waiting, Eliott goes to see him and takes him warmly in his arms. A gesture that did not go unnoticed in the eyes of Celia who imagines that he is cheating on Greg.


Antoine has a hard time grasping his son’s new passion for cooking. Souleymane spending more time in the park than behind the stoves, he comes to wonder if his son would not have returned to Calvières only to take it easy. As Rose urges him to give him a chance, Antoine agrees to try but nevertheless threatens to send him back to Montpellier if he sees him strolling around.

Doubting his son’s real motivations for joining the Auguste Armand Institute, Antoine therefore challenges him to concoct a dish he has never cooked for dinner. Determined to take up the challenge, the young man hastens to seek Maxime’s help. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have time because he has to take care of the Christmas card.

With his back to the wall, Souleymane has no choice but to improvise. When Rose and Antoine discover the kitchen upside down with a burnt smell, the apprentice chef claims to have been carried away by creativity. If the couple hoped to enjoy a new dish, Souleymane only swapped his beef lasagna for lasagna with chicken and winter vegetables. In addition, the dish has no flavor besides being charred. While Souleymane begs his father to give him a second chance, the latter gives him a week to bring out a dish worthy of the name.


During chef Landiras’ pastry class, Teyssier overhears a conversation between Lionel and Enzo who are convinced that the director has let their teacher win the duel. To put an end to the rumors, Emmanuel therefore affirms in front of all the students that his protégé achieved an exceptional performance and that he beat him in the rules of the art. As a mentor, Teyssier then said he was extremely proud of his colt’s victory, which went beyond his expectations. Touched by his speech, Zacharie admits that he would never have become the pastry chef he is without him.

Despite everything, he understood that the culinary duel had for sole purpose to make him reconnect with his creativity. Gabrielle’s return having been useless, Emmanuel confirms that he needed a plan B. However, he specifies that what he told their students was true. Although he has always been an excellent pastry chef, Emmanuel recognizes that Zacharie is much better than him. For his part, Landiras says he owes her a lot even though he doesn’t like her methods.

Zacharie then goes to double A to say goodbye to Gabrielle who is leaving the institute to work in a starred restaurant. The opportunity to tell him everything he thinks about her and to express his regrets for not having been up to the time when they were together. The past now behind them, Zacharie and Gabrielle hug one last time before their roads separate.

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