Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 288 of Wednesday, December 8, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 288 of wednesday, december 8, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Eliott goes beyond the limits, Louis tries to win back Charlene. Who from Teyssier or from Landiras won the culinary duel?

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday December 8 in Here everything begins …


For fear of being fired, Eliott finally agreed to be part of Maxime and Salomé’s squad. Understanding the reluctance of her comrade, the young woman advises him to forget that he has to work on a Christmas recipe. However, Eliott no longer remembers the dish he prepared for the evaluation since he cooked without noting anything. While Greg has a hard time believing him, Eliott says he has no intention of putting his friends in trouble because he doesn’t like this time of year. Maxime then suggests that he take the recipe from the beginning in order to find the right ingredients.

Later, Greg crosses paths with Rose in the institute’s gardens and informs her that Jasmine has kicked Eliott out of the roommate’s door. Even though she was unaware that the situation was so complex, Rose thinks that Jasmine and Eliott should spend some time together to talk to each other calmly. Antoine’s companion then has an idea and succeeds in integrating Jasmine into the brigade.

By meeting Jasmine at the commissary, Eliott accuses her of squatting his brigade. When he overhears their conversation, Greg begs his boyfriend to make an effort to calm the situation. Seeing that something is wrong, he pushes Eliott to confide. Very moved, he declares that he does not have the courage to do it before leaving the place with tears in his eyes. Certain that he is hiding a serious secret about which he cannot speak, Greg opens himself up to Célia and Hortense.

Later, Eliott comes across Hortense playing with a snow globe. As he stops talking when he sees her do it, she tries to grasp what is there. Angry, Eliott loses his temper and the sum of leaving him alone before leaving the premises furious. Faced with the grief of his girlfriend, Mehdi joins Eliott in the kitchen and accuses him of behaving badly with the one he loves. While Eliott explains that he didn’t feel like talking, Mehdi lets him know that he’s ruining everyone’s Christmas with his attitude. Unfortunately, Eliott gets angry again and orders him to shut up. He then closes a drawer violently on Mehdi’s hand and then leaves.


Louis is researching the net to be forgiven by his girlfriend. To win back Charlene’s heart, Olivia advises her to forget overdone romantic gestures and simply show herself vulnerable.

For her part, Charlene tells Marta that she spoke to Louis again and that she made it clear to him that if he wanted to get her back he was going to have to row. If she is angry with him for having betrayed her, the Teyssier girl is nevertheless certain that Louis has understood the lesson and that he will not do it again.

Louis subsequently prepared a surprise for Charlene. He then blindfolds her and takes her to the top of the castle tower for a romantic picnic by candlelight. A special place for him since it is the place where he wanted to end his life. However, since his meeting with her, everything has changed for the Guinot son who never again felt the urge to give up even in the hardest moments. Now wanting to live, he wants to spend the next few years by his side. Touched by his declaration, Charlene kisses him tenderly.


Chef Landiras is working on his dessert for the duel between him and Teyssier. Gabrielle, who will not be able to attend the test, tells him that he is still a huge pastry chef and that he has every chance to beat the director of the institute.

At the time of the duel, Teyssier and Landiras have two hours to prepare and train their creations. The winning dessert will be presented on the institute’s Christmas card. Thirty minutes from the end of the race, Landiras made a series of mistakes. The perfect opportunity for Teyssier to provoke his protégé. However, he does not let himself be distracted and manages to get his dessert out on time.

At the end of the allotted time, Emmanuel presents a Norwegian omelette with Christmas spices while Zacharie has concocted a mont-blanc in a puff pastry style with pear. If Clotilde and Olivia find that Teyssier’s dessert is slightly ahead from a visual point of view, they nevertheless designate Zacharie as the great winner of the duel. After having tasted his dessert in turn, Teyssier confirms that he has character and that it is much better than his. Chef Landiras is therefore applauded by the director as well as all of their students.

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