Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 286 of Monday, December 6, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Kelly suspects his mother of having an affair with Guillaume, Louis pulls out all the stops to win Charlene back. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is electric at the roommate between Jasmine and Eliott.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday December 6 in Here everything begins …

Kelly discovers Laetitia and Guillaume’s affair

While Teyssier is busy preparing for the Christmas dinner, he retorts the new menu proposal from Maxime and Salomé, which he finds too ordinary. Resolved to work together in a peaceful manner, the two students promise to rework their plate. To re-motivate them, Teyssier suggests that they choose several students from the institute to assist them during the service which will offer their dish.

Meanwhile, Laetitia congratulates herself on having reported herself to the police for the illegal botox injections she performed. For her, it is a sign that she is starting to become a better person by stopping the lies; but Kelly is not fooled.

While going to the institute, they meet Guillaume at the bend of a corridor. The look he exchanges with his mother does not escape Kelly, who suspects her of flirting with him. A little later, while the assistant director and the concierge isolate themselves at her place to make love, they fail to be surprised by Kelly. Guillaume hides in the bathroom in a hurry but forgets his jacket on his sofa.

Upon entering her home, Kelly discovers that her mother is getting ready, and sees Guillaume’s jacket behind her. Understanding the situation immediately, she accuses her mother of looking for the problems by having an affair with Clotilde’s husband. Laetitia may deny it, Guillaume, caught in the act, confesses the truth to him, and promises him that their adventure will have no consequences for them within the institute.

Louis tries to win back Charlene

Now healed, Charlene is preparing to resume classes. Crossing Marta in front of the school, she confesses to him that she feels guilty for causing concern to those close to her. But she was also able to speak to a psychologist, who explained to her that she suffered from dysmorphophobia: a distorted view of her physical appearance that creates suffering and leads to behavioral disturbances.

If her complexes now seem to be on the mend, she is still furious with Louis after his betrayal; but she confesses to Marta that their separation makes her suffer.

During the lessons, while he is responsible for presenting the recipe for an entry to the students, Louis, decided to redeem himself from her, launches into his demonstration by not taking his eyes off Charlene. Playing on the contrast between hot and cold in the composition of his dish, he launches into a passionate metaphor of their relationship, which does not fail to escape a hilarious Enzo. Embarrassed, Charlene leaves the room.

At the end of the lesson, Louis tries to talk to him. He admits to having made a mistake by being afraid that she leaves to live in Paris, and says he is ready to assume it to save their relationship. But for Charlene, the wound is too deep, and Louis should be happy that she did not denounce it to his father, who would have dismissed him from the institute. For her, love doesn’t mean trying to control the other person’s life, and she isn’t ready to forgive him anytime soon.

Eliott and Jasmine can’t stand each other anymore

In the shared apartment, the atmosphere is always explosive between Eliott and Jasmine: the former cannot stand the kitsch Christmas decorations installed by Naël’s mother throughout the apartment, while the latter suspects Greg’s boyfriend of wanting to take his place as a parent. Between the two of them, Greg is at the end of the line.

Seeing their upset friend during their baking workshop for the holidays, Célia and Hortense try to clear his mind by making him bake shortbread. But Eliott, distracted, forgets them in the oven and lets them burn.

As he is isolated in the park of the institute, Greg joins him and tries to understand the reason why he behaves in such a hostile way for several days. Eliott confesses to him that he hates the Christmas period, but does not manage to give him more explanation.

In the evening, a new argument breaks out between Jasmine and him. While the latter accuses him of wanting to replace her with Naël, Eliott loses his temper and calls her an unbalanced person who has abandoned her child. Shocked, Jasmine takes her things and throws them out of the room. Greg concedes that Eliott has gone too far and suggests that he leave. Rejected, Eliott collapses …

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