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Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 285 of Friday, December 3, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Charlene discovers the betrayal of Louis, Eliott is far from indulging in the magic of Christmas. At the same time, Teyssier challenges Landiras.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday December 3 in Here everything begins …


By confessing the truth to her parents, Charlene thought they would stop attacking Laetitia. Unfortunately, the Teyssier couple do not intend to let her continue to give illegal botox injections. As Charlene fears that the whole institute will find out what she did if her father were to dismiss Laetitia, Constance suggests finding a solution so that their daughter does not suffer too much. Emmanuel then promises to see what he can do but indicates, however, that she will have to prepare herself so that it becomes known.

Teyssier then goes to Laetitia to return his equipment. In order to avoid humiliation for his daughter, he made the decision not to fire her on condition that she goes to report herself to the police. For once, Emmanuel wants to let justice do its job. According to Kelly, the manager is not completely wrong and she is sure that if she tells the police about Jennifer, they will be lenient. But Laetitia, who does not want to sway her friend, is ready to take responsibility for her mistakes.

For her part, Charlène resumes classes at the institute to the delight of Louis, Théo and Marta. The young woman then explains to them that she gave herself a botox injection because of Lauren’s thoughts on her physique. Louis ends the conversation by specifying that the most important thing is that she is back among them and that she is better.

Later, Theo called Lauren Delvaux to keep her informed of the consequences of her interview on her sister and discovered that it was Louis who had suggested that she tackle Charlene’s physique. Without waiting, he arrives in the kitchen to confront him. While he admits that he made a mistake, Theo summons him to tell his sister the whole truth.

Emmanuel learns from Guillaume that he no longer needs to blackmail him since Laetitia is going to surrender to the police. Guillaume hastens to join the young woman and tries to prevent her from making a mistake. However, Laetitia is ready to take responsibility for the consequences of her actions. Guillaume therefore offers to accompany him to the gendarmerie.

A short distance away, Louis kisses Charlene before confessing his betrayal to her. Although he tries to explain to him the reasons which pushed him to act in this way, Charlene slaps him and orders him to be silent. Angry, she puts an end to their story.

At the same time, Laetitia leaves the police station relieved because Captain Brassac was understanding and reassuring. As she has no record, she only risks a fine and a stay. After thanking Guillaume, she evokes the kiss they exchanged. Even though she would understand that he wanted to forget all this, she lets him know that she appreciates him very much and that she has no desire to move on. Guillaume kisses her passionately.


At the roommate, Eliott is always upset by the Christmas decorations that adorn the apartment. When Greg proposes to lighten the decor a little, Jasmine agrees to remove a few figurines but no more. Unfortunately, Eliott is fed up with seeing his roommate do as he pleases and prefers to leave.

Subsequently, Eliott confides in Hortense. Faced with his overreaction, the young woman seeks to know more about her concern with Christmas. Eliott therefore declares that this holiday is hypocritical and then says that this injunction to happiness disgusts him.

Back home, he removes all the decorations and throws them in the trash. Seeing him do it, Jasmine and Greg have the impression that he has gone wild. Tired of these comments, Eliott sends them out for a walk and says he never wants to see them again.


In the morning, Landiras is with Gabrielle in the park of the institute. While he asks if she loved him one day, the young woman assures us that it is, then specifies that she admired him a lot. The sommelier then indicates that she left it for a number of things. While she was very happy with him, Gabrielle started to suffocate over time. It had even become unlivable since their couple revolved only around Zacharie and his career. Having become at the same time his assistant, his muse, his mother but also his wife, Gabrielle regrets that he never wondered about what she needed.

Disturbed by this conversation, Landiras confides in Constance. Knowing full well what it’s to share her life with a pastry chef, the nurse stands up for Gabrielle. Although she does not question the fact that he can make a woman happy, Constance signals to her that pastry will always take pride of place in her life. Later, Zacharie therefore takes advantage of Gabrielle attending her class to have another discussion with her. Chief Landiras then lets her know that he blames himself for having been blind and not having noticed that she was no longer happy. Things being now clear between them, Zacharie asks Gabrielle to take care of her.

Shortly after, he joined Emmanuel in his office and as much to say that the tension is at its height since their altercation. If Emmanuel criticizes Zacharie for not having managed to present him with a signature dessert worthy of the name, the latter is terribly angry with him for having sown discord with Gabrielle. Tired of the behavior of his protégé, Emmanuel decides to fire him from the institute. Landiras, who until then believed himself untouchable, thinks at first that he is bluffing, bullying that he will never be able to find someone at his level to replace him. However, Teyssier makes it clear to him that it is not essential.

When Emmanuel adds that it does not come close to his ankle, Zacharie retorts that he crushes him extensively. According to him, Teyssier would have been a vaguely talented man fifteen years ago but who would no longer be worth anything today. Stung in his pride, Teyssier imagines a new culinary duel in which everyone will have to create a dessert that will be presented to an impartial jury.

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