Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 284 of Thursday, December 2, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Guillaume and Laetitia kiss, Souleymane lies to his father to stay at the institute. Jasmine and Eliott meanwhile have a new disagreement.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the two episodes of Here it all begins, broadcast exceptionally Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, December 2 in Here everything begins …


As Guillaume threatens to denounce Theo to the gendarmerie, Emmanuel asks his son and Louis to let him handle the situation. For her part, Charlene left the hospital and returned home with her mother. Worried about her, Constance decided to put her day off in hopes of convincing her to stop the injections.

Emmanuel is still determined to get Laetitia fired and understands that she was having an affair with Guillaume. Although he has nothing to prove it, Teyssier nevertheless intends to find proof or even force fate.

Teyssier therefore joins the guardian then makes many innuendos about his relationship with Guillaume. Even if Kelly’s mother says that nothing is happening, Emmanuel does not believe her and even goes so far as to say that Guillaume is crazy about her.

Subsequently, Laetitia meets Guillaume in the vegetable garden and thanks him for putting pressure on Teyssier to prevent him from being fired. As she tries to find out why he takes so many risks for her, Guillaume simply replies that she is a good person and that she does not deserve to lose her job. However, Laetitia thinks there is another reason and asks him if he would not have feelings for her. When Guillaume reminds him that he is married, Laetitia ends up revealing to him what she feels for him. The next moment, Guillaume kisses her without knowing that Emmanuel is observing them in the distance and taking a picture of them.

Not far from there, Louis and Charlene are together. After reassuring him about his state of health, the young woman informs him that she intends to return to class tomorrow. Louis, who has no intention of letting go of Laetitia, tells her that the babysitter suggested that she had been able to give botox injections on her own. But Charlene does not have time to answer since they are interrupted by Constance who asks her daughter to give the keys of the shed to the gardener.

Uncomfortable, Charlene pretends to be tired and invites Louis to go home. Without waiting, she goes to the shed to retrieve a bag but her mother surprises her. Back to the wall, Charlene confesses the truth and Constance realizes that Laetitia has nothing to do with it. When her mother points out to her that she could have died, Charlene explains that she was too ashamed to speak out for fear that her parents would take her for crazy. After taking her in his arms, Constance assures us that everything will be fine.

At the same time, Emmanuel sends Guillaume the photo he took earlier in the day and then threatens to reveal everything to Clotilde if he does not let him settle the Laetitia case as he sees fit.


Suspicious, Antoine contacted the Souleymane business school and has just learned that his son has not been going to school for over a month. Furious, he immediately confronts him and demands an explanation. Souleymane then recounts that he did not feel out of place in this school and that he understood after two months of lessons that business was not for him. While they are arguing, Souleymane tries to make him understand his point of view but Antoine retorts that it is too late to change his mind and then summons him to go back to school. Souleymane leaves the scene furious.

Subsequently, Souleymane reports to Maxime that his father has discovered the truth. Having fallen in love with Deva, he would like to find a solution that would allow him to stay with his father. Maxime therefore encourages him to take the entrance examination for the institute. JFollowing this ingenious idea, Souleymane joined his father and took advantage of the easing of the tensions to make him believe that he wanted to join the gastronomic school. At first surprised, Antoine accepts on condition that he takes things seriously and that he gives his all.


At the roommate, Jasmine and Eliott are always fighting. As the holiday season approaches, Jasmine bought an advent calendar. Christmas being her favorite time of year, she intends to put the package for her son. If the young woman is enthusiastic, this is absolutely not the case with Eliott who seems to hate this party.

Later, Greg asks his boyfriend about his anti-Christmas crusade. Insofar as he does not appreciate this party, he explains that he does not want to go home and find the apartment decorated for the occasion. Despite everything, Greg insists that he make an effort for the well-being of all. In vain.

For her part, Jasmine is on edge and confides in Mehdi and Hortense. Indeed, she is certain that Eliott refuses to celebrate Christmas to annoy her. Hortense may well assume that her friend probably has a good reason to act in this way, Jasmine excludes letting him rot on Naël’s first Christmas.

At the end of the day, Greg and Eliott discover the apartment fully decorated for Christmas. While Eliott is not shy to say that the decoration is awful, Jasmine retorts that he will have to get used to it because she has no intention of removing anything.

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