Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 281 of Monday, November 29, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … As Charlene’s state of health worsens, Maxime and Salomé put an end to their story. Diego makes a proposal to Solal.

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 281 of monday, november 29, 2021...
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, November 29 in Here everything begins …


As a result of her discomfort, Charlene was taken to hospital. When she wakes up, her family explains to her that she has had a very severe infection but that it was fortunately taken on time. Touching her face, the young woman asks her mother to give her a mirror. Although she thinks it is a bad idea, Constance ends up giving it to her. When she discovers her face marked with numerous plaques, Charlene is particularly affected. To reassure her, Constance certifies that it will work out.

For his part, the doctor in charge of Charlene is worried because his analyzes are not good. Indeed, the antibiotic therapy is not working as he hoped. Although he has explored several avenues, he does not know where the infection came from. To treat her, the doctor needs to understand what happened but Charlene does not seem ready to speak.

Later, Marta goes to his bedside. Fearing that her parents would learn the truth, the Teyssier daughter preferred not to tell the doctor about her injections. Certain that botox is not the cause of her condition, Charlene continues to lie to Marta by asserting that she has not had any other injections since Tuesday and then makes her promise to keep her secret.

For his part, Ambre wonders about what really happened to Charlene. While Tom wonders if she might have made a suicide attempt, Amber retorts that it wouldn’t surprise him. Hearing them discuss, Louis sharply reframe them and more particularly Tom whom he holds responsible. According to him, Charlene would never have been in this state if he had not encouraged her to open an Instagram account.

Not far from there, Kelly is worried about Charlene unlike Laetitia who feels no guilt. Indeed, she believes that it is not her fault that she stole her equipment and that she is in this state today. Having attended their argument, Guillaume tries to find out what is going on and Laetitia then claims that her daughter is very angry with her since she discovered that she had lied about this stock market affair. After Guillaume guaranteed that Kelly would eventually understand, Laetitia warmly thanks him for his support.

Subsequently, Guillaume confides in Antoine on his nascent feelings towards Laetitia. Having come together a lot lately, he admits that he likes her a lot. Even if he doesn’t know if it’s reciprocal, the question is working on him and he seems to leave the door open. For Antoine, he should give up because it is not worth the risk of sabotaging his relationship.

At the same time, Theo tells himself that his sister may have attempted suicide, especially since he is certain that she is hiding something from them. While Louis considers that he is going too far, Theo criticizes him for not having supported Charlene in recent days. As the tone rises, Marta points out to them that Charlene is ill and that no one is responsible.

At the hospital, Constance questions her daughter to understand where her infection comes from, but without success. Burning with fever, Charlene sees her heart rate panic before fainting.


Maxime spent the weekend alone to disconnect and avoid a new argument with Salomé. On his return to the institute, he tells Enzo that he no longer supports the reproaches of Salomé and that she is more and more complicit with Tom. No matter how much he cared for her, the Delcourt son unfortunately realized that they were no longer happy.

Later, Salomé and Maxime present a new version of their recipe to Teyssier but it is a real failure since they worked separately. After blaming them for their lack of communication, the chief summons them to fix their problems once and for all.

Being of the same opinion as him, Salomé and Maxime decide to have an open-hearted discussion and each admit to having realized that they could no longer continue to tear each other apart to revive their relationship of yesteryear. By dint of wanting to revive their story, Maxime knows full well that they will end up being damaged. While a part of him will always love him, he understood that it was time to stop fighting. They then put an end to their love affair.


The third-year student who sublets the apartment to Ambre and Solal has completed his work-study program and is returning to Calvières this weekend. The couple therefore have little time to find new accommodation within their budget. Now employed at the Table des Rivière, the young man promises to make a few calls during his breaks.

Solal then goes to the Table des Rivière for his first day of work but quickly becomes disillusioned when he understands that he will have to make deliveries in addition to his work as a cook.

Shortly after, it was more than twenty minutes late that he delivered the order for the Gaissacs. As he fell in the swamps on a bicycle, Diego invites him to take a shower and drink a coffee with them.

During the discussion, Solal tells them that he is looking for an apartment. Being very grateful that with Amber they came to the aid of his granddaughter a few weeks ago, Diego offers the couple to move in with him. When Solal reminds him that the last time it ended badly, Diego recognizes that their way of life is special but nevertheless asserts that as long as his granddaughter is no longer involved, it is none of his business.

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