Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 280 of Friday, November 26, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 280 of friday, november 26, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Charlene has a bad reaction to botox, Zacharie discovers Teyssier’s Machiavellian plan. Noémie and Gaëtan are going on vacation.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday November 26 in Here everything begins …


Among the Rigauts, Laetitia seeks forgiveness from her daughter. Unfortunately, Kelly still resents him for making money illegally by putting the lives of others in danger. Laetitia then indicates that she did this only to pay her school fees and then affirms that she has stopped this activity. Only, Kelly does not trust him and asks him to throw away his equipment. In trying to get it back, the mother discovers with amazement that everything has disappeared.

Meanwhile, Charlene watches a tutorial and injects herself with botox on each side of her face to enlarge her gaze.

Later, Laetitia corner Charlene in the halls of the institute and accuses her of having stolen her equipment. As she denies the facts, the babysitter sees many marks on her face that confirm her doubts. She therefore summons him to return everything to her, but Charlene, who is in a position of strength, refuses.

Shortly after, the young woman suffers from severe hot flashes and also sees red patches appear on her face. Worried, Marta asks her if she has had the injections again but she swears she hasn’t. When she meets her in the locker room, Kelly notices the plaques on her classmate’s face and immediately informs her mother. If the apprentice chef deems it preferable to talk to Constance about it to ensure that Charlene does not risk anything, Laetitia prefers to wait before being alarmed because she thinks it is a temporary reaction.

Not far from there, Marta worries about Charlene and tells Theo that her sister is not doing well without telling her about her botox injections. By the time she realizes that she didn’t go to the infirmary as she had promised, Marta seems particularly worried.

At the same time, Louis finds Charlene with her face hidden under a cap. The Guinot son barely had time to realize that she was burning with fever and that her face was covered with redness when she passed out. Immediately, Louis calls for help.


In the morning, Zacharie tries to have a discussion with Gabrielle. As she is particularly elusive, he begs her not to leave him in the dark about her feelings. Annoyed, the sommelier asks him to leave her alone, specifying that she has a lot of work.

Not understanding his change of attitude, Zacharie confides in Constance. If yesterday he was convinced that he was going to get back together with the woman he loves, this is no longer the case today. Uncomfortable, the nurse ends up telling him that Gabrielle is not being sincere with him and that she is playing a double game. Refusing to tell him more, Constance urges him to have a discussion with her.

Without waiting, Chief Landiras therefore joined Gabrielle at double A to obtain explanations. With her back to the wall, she tells him about the market she spent with Emmanuel in exchange for a sommelier place in a large starred restaurant. After having explained to him the reasons which motivated her to accept this offer, she confesses that she no longer has any feelings for him except affection. Severely injured, the young man says that she disgusts him before leaving the premises.

Zacharie then confronts Emmanuel and tells him that he does not appreciate having been manipulated in this way. Although the pastry chef tries to explain to him what prompted him to do this, Zacharie, who is angry, throws his latest creations in the trash and then tears up his sketches as well as the recipes he has worked hard on. Outside of himself, he reproaches his mentor for thinking only of him and his reputation. And to add that it exists only by destroying the lives of others. Before leaving, Zacharie orders him never to approach him or Gabrielle again.


Before going on vacation, Noémie gives her instructions to Ludivine to manage the Table des Rivière in her absence. Chef Matret also takes the opportunity to apologize to him for having been painful lately. When Stella joins them, Noémie immediately notices her sister’s little expression. Stella then pretends to be simply tired.

Later, Gaëtan announces to Stella that he is going on vacation with Noémie. However, he admits to having accepted this trip out of guilt. Insofar as Stella pushes him to make a choice, Gaëtan, who cannot leave his partner after all they have been through, declares that he wants to follow Noémie to find out where they are. Subsequently, Gaëtan reports to Ludivine that he has not yet made his choice between Stella and Noémie. Still in love with Stella, he fears that she will move on in his absence, especially since he cannot leave Noémie for the moment.

While Ludivine shortly after indicates to her brother that she will have to recruit someone, Solal arrives at the Table des Rivière to collect her order. The young man being interested in the position, Ludivine promises to call him back quickly to give him an interview. At the end of the day, Gaëtan and Noémie load the car to begin their journey on the Italian coast. Enjoying a moment alone with Stella, he apologizes to her. For her part, Stella wishes to preserve herself and specifies that she may no longer be there when she returns.

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