Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 275 of Friday, November 19, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 275 of friday, november 19, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Jérémy leaves Calvières, Charlène is attacked on his physique. At the same time, Teyssier makes a proposal to Salomé and Maxime.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, November 19 in Here everything begins …


As part of the investigation into the death of Chief Simony, Captain Brassac has decided to close the entire institute for the day. Indeed, the gendarme planned to take a sample of everyone’s DNA in order to clarify the circumstances of the professor’s death. Although this does not delight the management, Teyssier asks his students to collaborate with the authorities.

In a rush, Clotilde therefore organizes the departure of her son. Until he receives his visa, he will be hosted by a friend of his mother’s in Paris. Not knowing if he will see them again before leaving for Australia, the young man says goodbye to Clotilde, Guillaume and Célia. But when he is about to leave, Guillaume realizes that the gendarmes are already there. Stuck, Celia then takes him to the roommate to hide. Eliott, who has been taken in confidence, agrees to help his comrade.

For his part, Captain Brassac takes the opportunity to take the DNA sample from Clotilde to tell her that he would like Jeremy to be tested too. Only, the head Armand claims that her son left for Australia the day before yesterday. An answer that surprises the gendarme who considers it strange that he left the country while his half-sister was still in police custody.

Suspicious, Captain Brassac then goes to the roommate to question Célia about Jérémy’s departure. Fortunately, she had time to speak to Clotilde to develop the same version of the facts. A well-crafted lie that the captain still finds it hard to believe.

Before leaving the institute, Captain Brassac informs Clotilde that he called the prosecutor in relation to Jérémy. The presumptions against him being too thin, they will not launch proceedings abroad. To take no risk, Rose thinks that her nephew should leave the institute as soon as possible. Even though she knows her sister is right, Clotilde has a hard time seeing him leave under these conditions.

After having organized his departure under an assumed name, Jérémy is moved to leave his parents. Clotilde and Guillaume then make him promise not to feel guilty and to concentrate on the things that make him feel good. Jérémy then hugs them before bidding Celia farewell.

Sad to see him leave, Célia is however reassured to know that he has found his place in Australia. Afraid of feeling alone without him at the institute, she indicates that she has made the decision to go away for a while. After a last kiss, Jérémy and Célia let their roads separate.


Complexed by her gaze, Charlène has been putting on makeup for an hour, but she does not like the result. Although Louis assures us that she is the most beautiful girl he knows and that she doesn’t have to be photogenic to be a great boss, the young woman cannot help but belittle herself.

Later, Marta and Charlene show the photos they took to Tom. If Marta considers that her photos are successful, Charlène is not satisfied with the result and asks her to take a picture of her again during the day because she has tested a new make-up which opens her eyes.

Thereafter, Laetitia receives a visit from Charlene who wishes to recover the keys of the studio. Although the warden of the institute quickly hid her equipment, Charlene falls on a syringe. With her back to the wall, Laetitia confesses to him that she gives botox injections to ensure her daughter’s education.

At the end of the day, Charlene reads the many comments she received on her new Instagram account. Unfortunately, her followers are not very tender with her and attack her on her physique.


Ambre apologizes to Maxime for the evening of the day before. As she feels like she’s escalating the situation every time she tries to put the pieces back together, the Delcourt son says it might be time for her to stop and let them handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Salomé confides in Tom about his evening. Aware that everyone wants to make an effort, she blames herself for having ruined everything. Tom then signals that she has done what she can and urges her to concentrate on her work and think of something else. While she talks to him about her relationship with Maxime, Tom cuts her off and explains that he has no desire to play the role of confidant.

Later, Salomé tells Maxime that she no longer really knows what she is feeling. If she feels like fighting for her marriage, she also feels angry and doesn’t know if it will eventually pass. Shortly after, they are interrupted by Chef Teyssier who would like to give them the Christmas card for the double A under his supervision. Although excited, the couple need to think things over.

Insofar as this great opportunity means that they will have to spend a lot of time together, Salomé and Maxime finally accept this help from fate. Full of optimism about the future, the young woman is also ready to give Maxime a second chance. Salome and Maxime kiss.

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