Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 268 of Wednesday, November 10, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 268 of wednesday, november 10, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Clotilde makes revelations about her past, Salomé and Maxime give themselves a second chance. Teyssier makes a proposal to Gabrielle.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday November 10 in Here everything begins …


After recovering her memory, Célia goes to the institute and reveals to the principal that she was sexually assaulted by Chief Simony during a private lesson. Although she is aware of having been the victim of a sexual predator, she nevertheless refuses to file a complaint.

Even if she does not wish to publicize the affair within the institute, Antoine is obliged to warn Teyssier and summon Simony. Shortly after, he denies the facts and even goes so far as to claim that Celia is seeking revenge for not having been selected for the masterclass.

Their versions may be very different, Antoine and Emmanuel have no doubts about the veracity of the accusations made by their student. While the principal demands the immediate dismissal of the professor with the added bonus of a public denunciation, Teyssier considers that this is not a good idea. Chef Simony being an influential person in the gastronomic world, he fears the repercussions on the establishment but also on Célia.

To conduct the investigation, Antoine then questions Lionel and Kelly on Simony’s behavior towards women but their conversation is interrupted by Olivia who would like to speak to her colleague in private. Warned by her ex-husband of this whole story, she fiercely defends her and accuses Celia of taking revenge on the masterclass. Having lived more than ten years with Fabien, the chef Listrac affirms that he is incapable of doing such a thing.

Meanwhile, Chief Simony corner Celia at the commissary and reproach her for passing him off as a rapist. Although petrified, the young woman says that he attacked her. As she tries to run away, he slams her against a wall and threatens to lash out at her if she doesn’t reconsider his side of the story. After yelling not to touch her, Celia manages to push him away and leave. Amber and Lionel arrive just then but Simony sends them off to collect ingredients for their next class. For Lionel, it was a household scene but Amber assures him otherwise before telling him that their teacher is a predator.

For her part, Deva, who has been aware that Chief Simony has been circling around Célia for a few days, is ready to take the risk of being deported to denounce him to the authorities.

Shortly after, Deva and Ambre are heading towards the principal’s office when they meet Clotilde. By discovering the intentions of his protege, the latter swears to bring down Simony for good on the condition that she stays out of this story. Clotilde then joined the teaching team to take stock. Since there is no other testimony, apart from Celia’s, she brings them a new element that could be a game-changer. Indeed, the head Armand reveals that she too was attacked by Simony.

Salome and Maxime give each other a second chance

Following her conversation with Maxime, Salomé is ready to give a second chance to the man she loves. Although she really wants to get back with him, she is not sure whether she will be able to forgive him for his infidelity, nor to trust him again. Anaïs then advises her to go for it but Salomé is not sure of anything any more, especially since she fears that Maxime will reject her.

Her friend being completely lost, Anaïs finds Maxime in the vegetable garden. Still very much in love with Salomé, the Delcourt son prefers to stop there, convinced that they have come to the end of their story. For Anaïs, he must make a decision quickly because his friend suffers from not knowing what he is thinking.

Later, Maxime joins Salomé in her room. Not having any desire to speak to him, she is about to leave but he slams the door to prevent her before kissing her. After a moment of intimacy, the couple take the opportunity to have an open-hearted discussion. If she still suffers from the situation, Salomé is ready to forgive Maxime for the harm he has done her. Aware that a lot of things still need to be settled, they still agree to give themselves a second chance.

On a small cloud, Salomé announces the good news to Anaïs. When he learns it in turn, Tom, who fell in love with her, says he is ready to wait. Anaïs encourages him to face the facts but he is sure that their relationship will not last.


Chef Landiras is giving a baking class when he sees Gabrielle making a call in front of her class. In shock, he abandons his students to join the woman who broke his heart a year earlier. Without waiting, Zacharie insists on knowing the reasons for their breakup. Without going into details, Gabrielle then explains that she was simply no longer happy with him and then asks her to turn the page.

Back at the Teyssiers, Zacharie confides with emotion in Constance. The pastry chef struggles to understand why Gabrielle hates him so much. For her part, Gabrielle demands an explanation from Teyssier. Once he has given him the real reasons for his hasty hiring, the director of the institute offers to help Zacharie to become a pastry genius again in exchange for a sommelier position in a starred restaurant.

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