Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 261 of Monday, November 1, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here it all begins” … While Simony blackmails Deva, Jasmine defines a new organization. At the same time, Laetitia and Guillaume show themselves to be accomplices.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday 1er November in Here it all begins …


Deva spent the weekend locked in her room. Worried about not having heard from her, Clotilde goes to the boarding school where the young woman claims to have forgotten their meeting because her head was plunged into her research on pairing for Chef Simony’s masterclass. As she finds her a little nervous, the chef Armand wants to know if her new teacher is nice to her. If Deva says yes, however, she is careful not to tell him that he had made an inappropriate gesture towards her.

Later, Chef Simony asks his students to work out a recipe by combining white chocolate and raw beef. For her part, Deva is not at all comfortable with her teacher and things don’t get better when the latter strokes her shoulder for no reason. Destabilized, she achieves nothing.

On Simony’s advice, Deva goes to the commissary hoping to find ingredients that will inspire her for her recipe. Unfortunately, the chef joins her and tries to understand why she jumps up every time he approaches her. When she reminds him that what happened on Friday, Fabien affirms that he never made an inappropriate gesture towards her then offers to help her at the end of the day in the preparation of his dish. As she panics, Deva fails to answer her.

Subsequently, the student joins Clotilde for a coffee but they are interrupted by Jérémy and Célia who come to collect the keys to the house. The opportunity for Clotilde to introduce Deva to her son who has heard a lot about her. Puzzled, Celia later asks her half-brother about him. Jérémy then recounts that Deva has the status of an isolated minor and that she moved to Hélène, a friend of her mother’s who is also the young woman’s guardian, upon her arrival in France. Understanding that Deva and Clotilde have known each other for some time, Célia imagines that the chef Armand has boosted her for Simony’s masterclass.

Meanwhile, Deva is with Chef Simony for her private lesson and the latter is very enterprising. While approaching her, like a predator on his prey, Simony declares that he finds her very attractive and that he really wants her before he kisses her forcefully while touching her chest. When she pushes him away violently, he pretends not to understand her reaction. While she threatens to tell everything to the chef Armand, Fabien prevents her from leaving and indicates that it is she who accepted this course. He then asks her not to say anything at the risk that he tells everyone that she is the one who turned it on.


Settled in their new apartment, Greg, Jasmine, Eliott and Naël begin a new chapter in their life. If Greg and Eliott did not sleep all night because of the baby, Jasmine is in great shape because she was wearing earplugs. While Eliott points out to her that the idea is to raise the little boy together, Jasmine replies that she preferred to take advantage of her night to take care of her son all day because she does not have classes.

Later, Greg and Eliott are behind the stove to provide lunch service. Only, the lack of sleep makes them chain errors in the dishes to such an extent that a customer has had his plate returned. At the end of the service, Theo summons the two apprentice chefs who confess that they have not slept all night because of Naël. The Teyssier son is then understanding and lets pass this time.

For her part, Jasmine took advantage of the day to set up a new organization with a schedule of duty shifts so that the incident of the previous night did not happen again. An idea that appeals to Eliott and Greg, who are looking forward to being able to sleep tonight.


While cleaning the Devaut’s house, Laetitia wanted to empty the aquarium but the goldfish jumped. The guardian of the institute therefore asks her daughter to help her recover the fish which slipped under the sofa but it did not survive.

Refusing to attract the wrath of chef Armand, Laetitia hastens to replace the goldfish. Unfortunately, Clotilde immediately notices that it is not hers because the one in the aquarium has a much shorter fin. When she accuses him of having traded her fish, Laetitia certifies that she has not. As the tone rises, Guillaume, who believes that his wife is mistaken, apologizes to Laetitia for this misunderstanding.

Later, she thanks Guillaume for having taken his defense but he knows very well that she lied to them. Besides, he found the situation very funny. Lætitia and Guillaume then show themselves to be particularly accomplices.

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