Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 257 of Tuesday, October 26, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 257 of tuesday, october 26, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Greg’s parents arrive at the institute, Landiras reveals his secret to Hortense and Mehdi. At the same time, Célia begs Jérémy to stay.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 26 in Here everything begins …


Worried about her boyfriend, Eliott had no choice but to call Benoît and Delphine Delobel to tell them about the situation. When Greg sees his parents arrive at the institute, Eliott confesses that it was he who contacted them to help him make a decision concerning Naël. Hearing them speak, Benoît asks his son not to blame Eliott, specifying that he did this only in his interest.

While they try to learn a little more about Naël, Benoît and Delphine quickly understand that Greg is not at all concerned about his son’s future. Benoît then points out to him how important it is not to slip away and to assume his new role of father. Despite everything, Greg made his decision and summons his parents to respect her. However, they fully intend to stay in Calvières to meet their grandson. And to add that Naël is now part of their family, whether he likes it or not.

Benoît and Delphine then go to Rose to meet Naël. Even if they are happy to be able to hug their grandson, Benoît overwhelms Jasmine with many reproaches. As Rose tells them that this is not the right time for this kind of discussion, Benoît apologizes to her, then explains that all this shocked him. When Delphine tries to find out what to do, Jasmine replies that she would like to be able to raise her son but that she is not sure that she can do it on her own.

Meanwhile, Greg thinks his boyfriend warned his parents to corner him but Eliott swears he did this only to help him. If the latter urges him to take the time to think it over, Greg unfortunately does not see himself raising a child with Jasmine whom he describes as crazy. When Eliott suggests that the three of them take care of the baby like family, Greg reminds him that they are students and have no money.

For their part, Benoît and Delphine have agreed to keep their grandson so that Jasmine can attend his classes. Between an unstable mother and a father who doesn’t want him, Benoît worries about his future. Delphine, who is convinced that Greg will eventually change his mind, waits until the end of the lessons to have a discussion with him.

But nothing helps. Greg is angry and repeats that he doesn’t want this child. Although she understands the situation, Delphine declares that with her father, they will be there to support him. However, Greg thinks that she insists on giving herself a clear conscience but mainly because it is her only chance to have a grandson naturally. Delphine can swear they accepted that he was gay, Greg refuses to hear more.

Shortly after, Delphine reports this discussion to her husband. Wishing to see her grandson grow up, Delphine suggests that Benoît bring up Naël in place of their son.


Convinced that he can do a great job with Mehdi, Landiras has changed his mind and wants to come back to teach at the institute. Pleased by this news, Teyssier warns him however that he will not have a second chance.

In pastry class, chef Landiras asks his students to reproduce one of his desserts on the theme of love. Curious, Hortense would like to know more about this pastry and questions her teacher. Chef Landiras therefore indicates that the nasturtium flowers he used in his recipe refer to a woman. Certain that he created this dessert for the one they saw on her phone, Hortense urges Mehdi to continue their investigation.

At the end of the lessons, the couple goes to Landiras and tries to learn what happened so that he comes to live in his van. While Zacharie retorts that his private life does not concern them, Hortense notices the photo of a young woman, the same as on her phone, on the dashboard of the vehicle. With his back to the wall, Landiras says that Gabriella, the woman he had been in a relationship with for ten years, left him without any explanation.

Faced with this disappointment in love, he then left his post in Dubai to travel the roads of France in his van until the day Teyssier called him. Touched by his story, Mehdi wants to convince him that it might be time to turn the page but Landiras believes that Gabriella was the woman of his life and that he cannot move on. Indeed, he has been trying for a year, but without success. At the moment when Mehdi launches that his teacher can resume his career where it left off, Zacharie replies that the creation of pastry is finished for him.


In the salt marshes, the atmosphere is particularly tense between Solal and Jérémy. While the Devaut son wants to know what’s going on, Solal tells him that his affair with Célia is over. Reassembled, the latter then reproaches him for preventing Celia from making her life and for having done everything possible to separate them.

Tired of his accusations, Jérémy returns home and announces to his parents that he intends to leave for Paris the next day while waiting for his visa problem to be resolved. Convinced that this decision has something to do with Celia, Clotilde takes advantage of meeting the young woman in the halls to tell her about the situation. Her son having made the decision to leave, the chef Armand insists that she respect his choice and that she does not make him change his mind.

Unfortunately, Célia decides to do as she pleases and goes to the Devaut’s to have a discussion with Jérémy. When he indicates that he wants to leave so that she can live her love affair with Solal, Célia retorts that she got together with him only to forget him. Although their love story is impossible, Celia begs Jeremy to stay, which he accepts without hesitation before adding that he has missed her very much.

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